Rescue Journal

somewhat better mood this morning

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2009

at least there was free running water to fill up the kettle for tea.

the interesting thing about rescue is the amount of time, energy and hysteria, that goes into non rescue things. like having growing grass and getting rid of dealing with human issues and needs, personalities....legalities, morality, managing....time, resources, people and me.

how stupid of me to think rescue was just about caring for furry bodies.

oh well..i never claimed to be the brightest star in the sky...just one of the ones with the big ideas and dreams.

by careful what you ask just might get it.

tia goes home today...yay tia..i will miss your licky face and warm, burrowing body.

puff daddy is doing well...mj and leanne are calling him kai now.

shy bobby brown is still a worry, as is angie who STILL will not come out of her cage.

max is back to normal...typical red cattle dog, pain in the butt.

felix is still picky on what he will eat and when and rose still needs constant reassurence and touching of her head. she is getting demanding...she now uses her nose to flip up under my elbow to get my hand back to petting her. ...rose is learning to say quite clearly what she wants next.

my frustration level is settling back least this morning after a good nights sleep. i cannot (and will not) ever be all things to all things perfectly...if i was...then i would be a god and not balancing precariously just "this side of crazy".....barely.

but i bet i do actually struggle along this bumpy rescue road, reasonably well....most days.



What's wrong with Puff Daddy? I'd grab that name over "Lucky", "Buddy", "Max" or "Sam" any day. At least it was original.


I don't know about that. My sister named her daughter Gillyan which was our dog's name when we were little. It could be a good family tradition. Just don't give your dogs and cats dumb names!


oh..and i did not name her, she came with it.
can you imagine what the family would do to me if i started stealing their names for the animals?
i'd be toast!


lol...well since i did not stick you in a cage..(that would be daughter in law abuse) must be the sweet 17 yr old cat who's owner died and the son tried to care for but his dog attacked her so she wouldn't go in to the house any more and the son did not want his father's beloved senior cat living outside over the winter.