Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2009

is dry..crappola. tank is dry...crappola. water truck will get here sometime in the next 24 hours...crappola again. oh well i spent my hysteria i will just be resigned.

did not have to put the barn guys to bed..colleen did them tonight. it was kind of cute to see her wedged in a six inch space inside the hay shed between the bales of hay and percy's giant head stuck in the doorway. she looked perplexed.

colleen doesn't know this (til she reads it here) that she was the first one to take away one of emily's bedtime bottles..i have been meaning to do this but just couldn't be the meany so colleen innocently did it for me. (it was a set up!)

emily looked slightly perplexed tonight too.

sorry babe now that we got are not getting it back again...besides you still have one morning and one bedtime bottle so you haven't been completely cut off yet. maybe colleen will get to those ones for me later too!

tia went home with marie....yay tia!!! her new name is going to be gussy which i like alot, (esp cuz it could be "guppy" when she is cute...'yuppy' when she is stuck up and "schmucky" when she falls off the bed!)

prudence had her xrays...

her hip xrays showed not only a dislocated hip but several old healed fractures in her pelvis and trochanter...she was probably hit by a car at some point and did not receive any medical care. too late now.

her chest xrays APPEAR to be clear (this is not 100% sure as cancerous tumours under 2 cm may not show up on xrays)

anyway..she is booked for that really nasty dental next week and then for tumour removal and a hysterectomy on nov 14th. maybe it has spread somewhere that we don't know...but maybe not too..maybe with the surgery she will get to live better and longer...that's the goal anyway.

oh nicole, are you awake yet??? rae wants to see a picture of dear prudence!

(nicole is on night shifts so she might still be sleeping)



Thanks Meghann, Prudence is lovely. I hope all goes well with her Dental and Tumor removals. Sorry Nicole hope you get lots of sleep today !


nicole was at the love on a leash fundraiser, trying not to fall asleep as she didn't get much during the day.
i will post my recent pics when i'm done overnights.


I don't know if this link will work, but here is a picture of Prudence that I took a week or two ago. We were outside enjoying the last few hours of sunshine with the "frail guys". :)


So all the bellowing Emily did after her bottle wasn't her saying "thanks for dinner"???


the school is on well water too..but they are closed over the summer plus they have a real deep drilled well...we just have a shallow one (which happens to be under the house so it can not be re-drilled deeper)


OK - how far away is the closest water line? Would it be possible to get it to your property? They must have it at the school. Maybe this is something we could get funding/donations for?