Rescue Journal

dream a little dream

Carol  ·  Oct. 8, 2009

the water finally came...but when i turned on the kitchen tap still no water...ooops...ran out turned on the thing on the water tank, came back in and climbed down into the dirt crawl space..(gross).. turned on the tank water pipe thing...turned off the well water pipe thing. hah..i should be a plumber...not.

anyway...NOW we have water at least for a week...then i am sure we won't have any is a cyclical thing.

then.....max was being a jerk..picking on rosie....not gonna happen, so i sent him out to the kitchen. suddenly i heard 10 seconds of him throwing himself around. i went and checked and max had the runs which i guess freaked him that brief 10 seconds, he managed to slip, slide and paint that liquid poop all over the freaking place.

good thing we have water (and bleach)

i love my life, i love my freaking life...maybe not.

also when i got home, colleen was trying to catch up on the ton of laundry that hasn't been done in 2 days (no water) wasn't drying and i thought it felt kind of moist in here so i checked...and the dryer hose was off again. i looked behind me and there was conan the barbarian cat who happens to like to break dryer i know who to blame again. anyway..i pulled out the dryer and fixed the freaking hose with a grody, bent screwdriver that colleen found in the drawer. i am not sure i should have to come home and do plumbing in dark, dirty places and dryer fixing in small cramped spaces as soon as i get in the door.

(or mop up diarrhea spread all over the place either.)

oh well...we have water..we have a dryer thats drying...max is back in the computer room (cuz when i was cleaning up his mess i forgot to close the door.)

and i can have a hot bath tonight and listen to louis armstrong sing... "dream a little dream for me" retrospect, maybe... dreaming should be left in dreams and not brought forth into reality.



Remember me. I still do laundry lol. can someone bring it over to my house and I will do it for you/ Leave it on the back sundeck. Thanks. Oh yes Joe is still doing just wonderful. Slow but sure is a great dog. Just love him to pieces. Thanks Carol. Elaine Phone res. 604 820 0004 cell 604 615 9936