Rescue Journal

a change in rosie

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2009

and i cannot decide if it is good or bad...but for sure she's different.

rosie is a very old dog and she is a very anxious the point where she finds it difficult to relax. so she follows you along and sits next to you, constantly looking for reassurence with a kind human touch.

this is the rosie i know.

now there is a different rosie...she sleeps soundly a few feet away from me. she wakes and still somettimes follows when i move or am doing something but as she waits patiently, watching me... i watch her eyes grow heavy again with sleep.

so rosebud...are you feeling comfortable? are you feeling safer and more relaxed? is your old and frail body finally getting some of the rest it needs?

or is there a cancer inside of you and in your new found peace, are you starting to contentedly fade away from me?

enquiring minds want to know.

love you sweet, gentle, peaceful rose.