Rescue Journal

worrisome day

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2009

i decided to start rose on abx's just in case but i think her life is winding down now. at least when her clock stops ticking, it will be stop in a place where she is loved.

grammy is really not well..her back end is starting to give out sometimes. we tried the anti-inflammatories and long acting abx injection on the off chance that maybe that would help..but it is not. i called the vet on call but have not heard back. tomorrow might be the end of it all for grammy too...we will see, she is such a lovely sheep.

muffin, our little bunny had a stroke yesterday. we are watching far she is coping, so we wait to see for her too.

probably not a great night to have dinner with my family..i already tried to get out of it but my daughter was on me like a dirty shirt...which reminds me, bath, change, get the barn guys to bed and emily her bottle cuz i gotta be on my way in less than an hour.



if you use your might have been even more grateful had you adopted phoebe!
glad the little imp has wormed her way in tho...she is a sweet little thing (except for the constant licking of ones face when one was trying to sleep!)
and i am so sorry about your lovely archie fading..he really is a wonderful dog.


Hi Carol, I want to thank you with all my heart for letting me adopt Gussie. (Short for Augusta because she is such an august dog). She is the dearest little girl and we are all smitten with her. Today we went for a two hour walk in the woods and she trotted joyfully along with the two other dogs. My much loved Archie dog is fading fast, the vet suspects liver cancer, but is still interested in helping Gussie understand what is expected of her and reassuring her when she becomes anxious. Jake on the other hand encourages her to pee in the carpet, he always was a delinquent and wants her on his team. Thanks Carol, I will always be grateful. Love, Marie

Lori Paul

Rosie is so lucky to have you Carol! To be safe, to be warm, to be full, to be adored...I'm so thankful tonight knowing she is with you for the rest of her days, however many there may be. Her work is done.


rosie will end her life knowing she is very much loved and that is the best gift we could give her. she is very sweet and does seem to be settling down somewhat, but i guess the anxiousness will never fully go away. it would take a long time and how much time does she have. she is where she is and that is a good thing.