Rescue Journal

every year that saints grows older and wiser...

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2009

the animals grow older and wiser too. muffin has been here for almost 4 years, she was here when our rabbit room was one of the back cat bedrooms. that room cared for the rabbits, then our sick cats, then it became a hideaway for me along with a catch all of little frail dogs and cats...and finally a cat room, just for the cats again. muffin saw alot of changes here...she saw people come and go. but thru it all she saw us getting better at looking after them all.

i think from the time we built the new rabbit room and thumper became her special friend..muffin had pretty much all that she hoped for..a nice home, some caring humans who cared for her well, kept her home clean, gave her fresh hay, food and water and made sure she had russell rabbit treats most every night.... and she had thumper, her very good companion, who is missing her alot tonight.

i am very thankful to all of us that muffin had a good life.

laura brought cheesburgers and ham for rosie, felix and the other guys...they are all pretty happy..and felix and rosie have full belly's of stuff they like tonight.

the vet came on an emergency call to see grammy this morning. she is to rest and stay off all meds and then we will see how she does. she says pain is sometimes good because it forces the animal to rest...grammy's back end is so bad tonight...she was dragging herself along to bed.

i don't know how long i can stand it to see her struggle like this...i will try to hold it together for the next couple of days and see if she gets better. but my gut says this is fruitless or maybe that is just my pain and fear speaking. the one thing i truly suck at is waiting....pain med free. i want to give her pain meds so at least she does not hurt but i will try to follow thru with her medical plan and wait for a bit to see.

it also becomes an issue because all of her caregivers have to be right on top of things...she has to be able to reach her hay and her water...she has to get enough grain to eat and we have to be checking on her constantly to ensure she has within easy reach, everything that she might possibly need.

we cannot drop the ball for her and get busy or forget that she cannot get to whatever it is that she might need.

such a worry..i wish i could stay at home and keep an eye on her.

anyway...while i am at home, i will check on her frequently.

we really need to get monitering cameras installed out in the barn.

that will be our next wiser growing thing as soon as we get some of the current bills paid off.



So very sorry to hear about Muffin and sending prayers and lots of hope for Grammy.


off the topic yikes there was a thin layer of ice on the pond today not looking forward to winter. hope lucky is okay. had a good day at saints. everything ran smoothly rosie got some extra schmoozzes from me she is really very sweet, but tyra and max wanted theirs too which they got. laura and lana and i make a good team at getting everything done. have a good week see you saturday.