Rescue Journal

i tell ya...

Carol  ·  Oct. 14, 2009

i would rather deal with the shit on the floor around here every day than the shit that flies around me thru the air...i just want to say plainly, bluntly, crystal all of the pain in the ass humans....

this ain't about you and i don't care!

do you know how many people want to call the shots around here..who want to make up their own rules? they won't come right and say..."you will do it my way..not that i know really anything about rescuing animals but i do know what I want from you.' they don't actually say it, they just act it out.

well tell it to the job is to ensure that these animals are the ONE and ONLY priority around is not to make friends, it is not to be a babysitter, or a counsellor, or a negotiator, or a funding source to pay your bills, it is not to provide a human with a warm and fuzzy fill.

i make it very clear...leave an animal here and good bye...don't try to stay involved...accept a paid job here and be prepared to work your ass off, if you are going to volunteer here, don't start causing a bunch of underground subversive crap, and do not even think to be suing me for some stupid reason because you can't figure out an honest way to pay your bills...don't bring your needy, emotional, dirty ass shit to my door when my house is already full of other people's animal's real life and death shit.

SAINTS is not about humans...i do that eight hours a day in my real job, (get sick and be admitted to homecare and then i will meet your needs and look after you)...saints is about the animals i being clear?

every time you try to take what you know you do not are stealing from rosie and felix and apollo...and every time you make my life difficult, you steal from them my time and energy.

stop it. do what is right or walk on past here.

tonight i am suffering from rescue rage to walk softly tonight.

hah! today i knew i would be in a bad mood.



well confused...(do you have a name?)
let me try to clarify this...i do care about the people who come here and work for the animals...i care that they are safe, i care that they find this a good and worthwhile place to spend their time and effort. i care that they care about the animals wellbeing and happiness.
what i don't care about is the preception that somehow i am responsible for people's problems.

so...surrenderers who want to continue to hang around to be near fluffy or muffy here because their house didnt work out...sorry, not my mandate...once surrendered, contact done.

so...people who want to walk in the door and think they can somehow run this show because they "care" about the the lady who told me (over and over again) that i had no right to tell her that a very sick cardiac dog was not allowed to be walked off site...sorry, i am not caring too much about what she thinks cuz her thinking puts the dog in possible harm.

so...people who dump 2 dogs here one day, then donate some money the next week and then tell me they are cancelling their donation cheque because i refused to adopt 2 other (and cuter) dogs to them two days after they wrote the cheque.
sorry ...i don't adopt to homes that bring animals here, not even if they pay me. and i don't care that they cancelled the cheque either, we will never need the money that badly.

so..when people come here to work for money (staff, contractors, whoever) and then leave us with a job half or poorly or unsafely done..i am supposed to care about anything except that saints just paid out good money that could have gone to the vet bills, for what? a job that needs to be re-done?

i could be wrong here...but as for the volunteers, i don't think there is any question in any of their minds that i deeply care about them....they have over the years become my friends...mostly because of their absolute dedication and consistent caring for the animals here.

sadly pure happiness is not the only key factor in doing a good job..a sense of responsibility, of obligation, a feeling of honor and fairness for the payment received and a pride in the work well done...that is what makes a good work ethic...the happy comes with the pride when the job is done one is truly happy if they just slide along, (like our first couple of contractors) and take the money and run.. you have to put more effort into happiness than that....i think money has to be well earned to feel good....and we are not a fake work/people charity in any case, i am sure the donors would be really pissed if we were.


Carol you are right when you say "it's all about the animals" and I admire the job you do and the organization you have started. should care about the Employees and Volunteers who obviously feel the same passion you do, because without them, s.a.i.n.t.s wouldn't be the same. These people are also dedicating their lives and hearts to help these neglected animals, and happy Employees/Volunteers will only lead to harder and more dedicated work.

I understand the need for a vent, and people can be difficult and frustrating, but you seem to be forgetting a key factor.....without people there would be no s.a.i.n.t.s .... without people you would have no employees, no volunteers and no one to donate money to help care for these wonderful animals.......So maybe you should care about them, because you need them as much as the animals need you.


Too funny, do you suppose those who resemble this rant recognize themselves?


Awwwww Carol, I so admire you. And so much of
what you say, I do/believe the same. Keep on
doing what you do so well.