Rescue Journal

hopefully i will be in a nicer mood today..

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2009

at least last night i had a better sleep. that should help.

there is great value in venting,,,find a safe and somewhat appropriate way to get out the inside screaming..this way my rage and frustration with humans never spills over to anger or resentment of the animals....they do not deserve to be unfairly burdened with my emotional things.

not that it doesn't sometimes affect them anyway...last night in my preoccupation with what i was feeling...i forgot to fast maxine. ratz! i will phone the vets and let them know...she was supposed to go in for grooming and they need her fasted i n case they need to sedate. sorry maxie...altho i bet you are glad that i forgot!

i think i should get the water tank filled up one last time..i don't want to deal with a water crises today.

sigh..i better check the cell...i heard it ringing several times after i was in bed last night..and i suppose i should check the emails cuz there are nice folks waiting and waiting on do you explain to nice folks that they sometimes just get buried and lost underneath a bunch of irritating crap.

"oh..sorry..i totally forgot about your email/phone call cuz i was upset and dealing with a bunch of really stupid stuff."

most folks don't read the blog to know that i know that i sometimes really suck. (i bet they think i don't realize it....hah, i wish that i didn't!)