Rescue Journal

the inherent danger in blogging is...

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2009

taking too seriously not only what i write, but what others comment about what i write.

you could take that wrong...what i just wrote. but i don't mean it as a warning about you..i mean it as a warning about me. cuz you could be commenting on something different than you think.

you guys only know what i tell you. and i can pretty much tell you whatever i want to say. it doesn't necessarily need to be truth or fiction...maybe i am all messed up in my head and it is a combination of both. maybe i choose my words and my sentences carefully to lead you to what i want you to think.

i could be manipulating you. did you ever think of that?

or i could just be innocent.... utterly stupid or crazy in my thinking but sounding intelligent because i articulate well..(i do articulate well some days.)

anyway..i just wanted in all fairness to point these possibilities out.

shit man...lots of people listened to hitler and thought he made sense and he was a total head case (maybe not his fault, some historians think he was a meglomaniac with a syphallic brain.)

i might be a manipulator or a nutbar could you (or even i) possibly know.

rosie wagged her tail for me again tonight! i love our rose.

molly was so excited to see me that she started jumping around.

milly was happily trying to snag frodo and harvey thru the wire of her cage. that cat is going to be a real handful of evil enjoyment i think.

i am waiting for a dog to come in tonight..i said no to her a few weeks ago (this was because at that time, she wasn't going to be nuked) she is a blind and deaf senior in a shelter that no one wanted to adopt. well the silly old thing has caught kennel cough so now her time is up. can't let an old girl die of something so simple as kennel cough (altho a kennel cough outbreak in a kennel full of dogs is no simple fun either)

not that i am really keen on another kennel cough outbreak here either but we seem to get over it and get it out of here quickly, within a couple of weeks.

so here is the thing.

new dogs from the pounds and the shelters frequently bring kennel couch along with them. our own dogs occasionally catch it in the clinic cuz they too see a lot of sick dogs. i accept the risk of kennel cough (and ringworm and URI and whatever) as part of rescuing homeless just comes with the territory.

BUT...mostly i don't know beforehand what they are going to sneak in. i do... so do i isolate that poor old blind thing somewhere all alone til she is over her cough. or do i let her bring it in here (like everyone else does) and just deal with the outfall. i bet she wants in my house tonight...i bet she wants in my room...i bet she wants on my freaking bed.......i don't do well when i am clearly understanding that they want something that i can actually give.

decisions, decisions...i hate making tough, do it right, follow your infection control rules...or cave and bend to some sad little dog who only wants something so very simple.

i will let you know what wins...common sense or a weakling heart.



hah...for tonight at least, you are both wrong..i left that poor, sweet, warbling, howling, trembling little thing over in the medical room...she is coughing way too much for over here and her chest sounds congested too.

i did lay with her on her bed for awhile, and i will pick up some cough medicine and start her on baytril tomorrow (today she already had 2 doses of clavimox) but, she has a nasty strain of kc...common sense won and she stays away from the others for now.


I'm betting on the weakling (softie) heart. Besides, she will be freaked out enough over more changes to her environment, she will need Carol to get her through the night. Now, Carol, I know you were just complaining about that big bed of yours but I think you gotta make room for one more on it.

It's not much, but thank you and everyone who supports you for everything you and SAINTS do.


i am a betting kind of person, it is going to be the weakling heart. starting to know you too well carol.