Rescue Journal

ok..i promise to write at least 4 bio's and send to nicole tonight

Carol  ·  Oct. 19, 2009

so here are the quick vet updates...
rosie..had to have emergency surgery to remove her eye today. her pressure was 42 (the other eye was 18)..the eye was toast and she would have been in agony.
the vet came up here to make a house call late this afternoon to see cleo cuz she is still not feeling well and she told me then that rosie did well with her surgery and can come home around noon tomorrow.

the vet had to come here to see cleo cuz we do not take her off site, (she is too much of a total freak out and needs to be fully sedated to go into the vet...she feels somewhat safer at home) so thankfully sarah and angelica came up and did an aspiration biopsy on that mass on her leg and drew blood for a full blood panel. hopefully that will give us some clue about what is bringing cleo suddenly down.
while they were here, sarah checked out shadow who also can't go into the clinic because of her kennel cough (no need to contaminate the clinic) anyway..not sure if it is just her kennel cough making her cough or not. she has a significant heart murmur so some of her coughing maybe related to cardiac disease. she is to be re-checked again next week.
they were both happy to see apollo (sarah is in love with him) they were also happy to see bobby brown who has recovered well from his dental surgery AND they were happy to see how great milly is looking...she is almost clean.



Is 18 normal eye pressure ? If not what is ? I hope Cleo & Rosie are both OK, I was thinking after I left on Sunday that Cleo really seemed to want to be away from everyone. She hung out with me in the barn for most of time, which she never does, she normally wants to go back to the MP room after the walk... but she wanted to lie down in Sparkles stall by herself....then later in the MP room , she stayed off to the side on the bed behind the desk & looked very solemn and did a lip curl when approcahed by another dog... maybe she does that more than I know when she's in the MP room or maybe there was just so much going on.... poor girl I hope she's better today


correction..i promise to write 4 bio's tomorrow night..those bed buddies are having a freaking fit.