Rescue Journal

i took the day off from work today..we were extra light AND

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2009

i need a day to open my personal mail. you will think i am exaggerating, but i am not..i have not opened my personal mail since last july!
the saints mail gets opened cuz mj picks it up and opens it, but mine just gets piled on the desk until i have time or until i belatedly realize there might be something in there that i the replacement for my expired credit card, who knew those things looked fine to me....or the internet/cable/phone bill who's $500 balance credit ran out (i accidently paid the spring bill WAY too much) and last week they cut off the internet to remind me to pay their bill again since the snail mail reminders didn't seem to register with me. my last two bank managers actually call(ed) me to tell me to open my mail when they needed me to look at something...the outgoing one gave the incoming one the heads up that i was mail retarded (i have a great and very kind (and smart) bank!)
anyway..i better stop sucking at this thing today and open my excuses i have the day off.

this is why i chuckle when folks think i am close to sainthood..i so suck at such basic things that even 12 year olds can manage without a baby sitter telling them what to an envelope comes in with your name on it to see what it says....duh.

and here is the really stupid thing (told ya i suck!) i just gave up a full days wages to open my stupid is that! (ok..i did sleep in til 7:30, that was nice and worth it too.)

soooo...opening mail may not be such an interesting post, but if you take it a step further and as a clue on how i actually function in life (or not) might be worth it tells you don't send me anything personally thru canada post!

i have no conception on how i survive sometimes.