Rescue Journal

the whole house is in turmoil today...

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2009

the kitchen/laundry area is upside down..steve is busy painting and switching around shelves and cupboards. i will end up with a small eating area, blind and deaf felix who doesn't get around very well will end up with a better home (he currently has his xpen but soon will have the laundry area with a small fence so he doesn't fall down the step.)
since the kitchen was already i8n chaos..i set up my own personal cupboard and counter..i have my own dishes and food finally separate from the saints animal stuff. i also have a new toaster oven and electric fry pan so for the first time in a couple of years, i was actually able to cook myself and colleen scrambled eggs for dinner.
i am so sick of microwave box food!

it will be tomorrow before everything is back in place and the dogs and the humans are having a hard time in this disarray..oh well... no pain, no gain i suppose.
kathy took daphne 1, jeremiah, doris, and caspar to sam this morning for grooming. they look so good, thx sam, staff and kathy...and it will be much easier to get a better result with doris's skin issues too!

the birds arrived..i thought they were not coming but they did...2 cockatiels and some kind of budgie..don't know their names or much about them..i wasn't here..i will call their ex family tomorrow and get some more info on them.

my deepest condolences to chris, deb and angelina today on the loss of their beautiful mackenzie...hugs to you all.



My sincere condolences to everyone in your household Deb, and may your memories of time spent with Mackenzie bring you comfort in knowing how much she was loved & how much she loved back.

Go softly good dog


since i strongly suspect that jess was a true just goes to show how smart and intuitive kenzie was...she knew jess was different and probably gut agreed with her on that one.
she jumped tyra without a second thought, not too many dogs are brave enough to try that!
she was a very good dog with big issues and you did a great job of caring for her. she so loved you.


Our thoughts are with you on the loss of your friend MacKenzie....yes, treasure the memories.


I'm so sorry that you have lost your MacKenzie. May your broken heart mend into two hearts.


MacKenzie was supposed to be the aggressive dog that day. She, in textbook bully fashion, was terrified of the dog she was supposed to dominate.

MacKenzie was a great dog, and managed to overcome some of her many challenges. She was badly damaged, but she made her place in the world, and I loved her fiercely. Just like she loved me.

There is a huge void in our home tonight. My heart is broken. I spent an amazing amount of time with this complicated, messed up, wonderful dog. I'll treasure the memories we made, and mourn what should have been.

I love you, Baby Lamb. No more fear, no more frustration, no more pain. Run, be free.


i am very sorry to hear about mckenzie. i think i met her once when you brought her to saints to do some sort of test on aminal aggressiveness. she was a great dog. my heart goes out to you as i know how much she meant to all of you.