Rescue Journal

new photo album

Nicole  ·  Oct. 22, 2009

3 hours later (no exaggeration) and a new photo album is made and i'm going to be late for work.
Mo you better appreciate these pics.



i actually go on sat and sun mornings till about 1230 or 1. but i will look behind carols desk as i am cleaning.


oh yeah..the envelope..i saw it fall behind the desk and then forgot and left it there. is safe there for now so remind me on the weekend lynne to fish it out.


I left the envelope at Carol's desk inside the house. It has your name writen on the outside. What day do you go to SAINTS? I have to come there this weekend to fix the switch on the fireplace. So maybe we can find it together...


Judy B.

Wow - absolutely fabulous moments with the crew caught on camera. I have not been to SAINTS since before the move in, toured the grounds with Carol but was before she moved from the trailer. What a huge difference. You guys all have done a great job.


oh, as well as opening. the fridge downstairs copper has figured out where the garbage is and how to partake of a little snack from it dawn i still did not find the envelope you left for me. ooh carol, i have your raspberry pie things will bring them on saturday.


awsome pics nicole. what a lot of work. everyone does appreciate it tho.


Thanks for the's nearly as good as the tour during Open House. I enjoyed it a lot!