Rescue Journal

oh well..i got 3/4's of the laundry done before i fell asleep.

Carol  ·  Oct. 24, 2009

but..i got a full 9 hours of sleep in and that is so unheard of for me. the bed buddies were in heaven...oh yay a warm AND comatose human body!

apollo is back from the vets...blood sugars sky high dose of insulin and cushings med and re-check in 2 weeks.
cleo's lab results are back....she is anaemic and it looks like the mass is probably a soft tissue sarcoma...given the size, location and cleo's mental status and age, the vet recommends just leaving it alone. it will eventually spread or maybe it already has. so cleo is a waiting game..some answers, more questions, stuck in the grey zone for awhile at least....i hope.

i am having a real problem with weaning emily..i cannot stand hearing that sweet baby cry for her bottle. she has to be 2 or 3 hundred pounds now and still really wants her morning and bedtime bottle.
sigh...everyone else might think i am a weakling weanie...but emily is glad i am.

oh well again...i guess i better get the caring for saints balls rolling today, maybe today they won't bounce out of control..getting dressed might be a good start....wouldn't an entire day in pajamas doing diddly squat be great one day????