Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2009

joey and peluchie found themselves a great home yesterday. my bed is less crowded, the little dog pack is slightly less chaotic and noisy. it would have been even quieter had they chosen reggie.

i found rose this morning in a puddle of bloody poop. her probable cancer is probably progressing and there is not much i can do about it..just watch and wait and clean her up....and help her to feel safe and loved.

i do apparently still have lot's of tears inside me. i guess my weeping water pressure was down last week also, along with the house.

i think these rooms filled with the saints that we all love are sometimes a reflection of inside of our feels empty here...three massive presences gone in a few hours....joey and peluchie to a brand new life....cleo, just suddenly gone.

there is good loss and sad loss...but honestly?...
in the quiet dark of the night, when the tears for cleo are mostly feels the same. i am missing three that yesterday i loved and were here, close to me and now are not.

have a great life joey and peluchie, you are great little dogs. and cleo, my friend, you are always with me....but now, differently....i liked it better when i drove into the driveway and your face was in the window.



what a truly great tribute to your special friend. i really enjoyed watching it but had tears in my eyes, okay they were rolling down my cheeks, as i thought of my own very special friend, now gone for 3 years. it is a good feeling, it is a good sad better to have had that very special relationship than to never have loved and been loved back. it still hurts me deeply 3 years later, i do not think i will ever not think of my dog and not feel my eyes well up. and carol has to feel that over and over. cleo was a very good and sweet dog and she will be missed a lot but i can not think of any of the dogs that i would not miss. they all have their little place in our hearts and take a little piece when they leave.


I'm trying to adjust to MacKenzie's absence. It's still too fresh to feel like it's real. I can feel her brush against my leg, and I see her and hear her crying when I close my eyes. I don't know how truly awful it will be on the day when my heart and my brain link up to realize my Mac is not coming back. Ever.

To deal with this level of hurt on a daily, weekly or monthly basis would kill me.

MacKenzie's YouTube tribute video: