Rescue Journal

good morning

Carol  ·  Oct. 28, 2009

i was awake and out of bed by 4 am this morning...too much whirling around in my head...i hate waking up thinking. doris had me up during the night..she was barking. i gave her food and water..she still barked..i gave her a cuddle..that did it and she went back to sleep. felix was also up during the night..he was lonely too. i just couldn't take him back to bed with me last night...i have had to strip the bed 3 days in a row, i need a break from that for now.

you should try to make a bed around here...those bed buddies are crazy. they rock and roll..they burrow and rub..trying to get the sheets and blanket under and around them is like trying to wrap up a kindergarten room with a bunch of little kids running around. renee got the clean sheets on yesterday so last night all i had to wrestle with them over was the new blanket on top.

i would like to say that at least with little kids you can yell at and tell them to move...the bed buddies are mostly deaf, they don't hear anything you say to them party on, yay! it is bed making day again today.

if you'd like a challenge one day...come on up and try making a kingsized bed with 9 overly enthusiastic, deaf and fuzzy buddies.

tu is not well...louise has put up an xpen to divide her off from rudi for the night. we are not sure if she is pooping. apparently rabbits can totally obstruct from hairballs..i did not know this. anyway, louise gave her some feli-lax and hopefully when i check her before i go to work, there will be poop on her side of the pen. sending positive thoughts to the rabbit room....
poop tu poop!

speaking of poop..nina has the runs and so do the mp dogs. nina i am not sure why...the mp dogs is because we have run out of their regular high fibre food (so i better get some more today!) there is a whole list of stuff i need to do which i better get on right away (like pay the last accounting and legal bills, (not that we have much money right now.)..mon-fri shifts just do not work well for me. the weekends are busy and just zip by..i am counting down til my last set of holidays (3 more weeks.) so maybe i can catch up on a few things around here,

why does rescue have to be so darn complicated? why does there have to be accounting bills and legal bills and insurence bills and reciever general bills and biweekly paycheques?..why do we have to pay huge vet, feed and hydro bills? why is rescue so bloody should be see an animal, help an animal, don't you think compassionate acts should be free????...why is water an issue, why is mud? why is grass and gravel? why do freaking mops have to be so expensive and wear out so fast? why do washer machines not like it here..we give them plenty to do to keep their life interesting. screw the governments positive economic plan...saints alone is boosting the entire economy of BC!

why do little sweet baby cows have to look so utterly forlorn when they reach the bottom of their not bottomless beloved bedtime bottle????

and why does my brain turn on, all by itself and straight into top speed at 4 am when it needs to rest? i think that is just stupid.


Francesca Wilson

Marie, Gussie and I will be out tomorrow Thursday)to do the barns.


Try some Ovol and a tummy rub for Tu, It has worked for me in the past. Either that or prune juice in a syringe should help to get things going again. Call me if I can help in anyway, get better Tu!



Would an extra pair of hands be of help tomorrow? I may be able to get a ride out?