Rescue Journal

i do actually know that the saints are who it is all about...but sometimes when mind pushes them to the sidelines

Carol  ·  Oct. 29, 2009

the cats in the computer room all got clean beds today..they are all stretched out and obviously so comfortable. mango is laying on the second shelf under the TV..stretched out on his polkadot blanket with his head on the pillow...he looks so lovely and sweet..i almost completely forgot that he is a total pee spraying beast! and tang his twin spraying brother..instead of wandering around and pissing on the dog beds or picking a fight with curled up above him in a soft donut bed looking just as peaceful and lovely as his brother.

rose this morning, said hello to me by stretching herself out and offerring me her belly. it wasn't in fear or in uncertainty..she was just drowsily aware that i was there and that in that sleepy moment she totally trusted me. yay rosie!

shadow's mkennel cough is slightly better, but not enough to move over to the house yet. she is like a black version of daffy..sweet, sweet, sweet and very, very hungry. i just took her for her final walk...the rain has stopped and the air is moist and foggy. it is a beautiful fall evening slipping away as winter comes close.

speaking of winter..she is parked in front of the moniter..i think she is looking for someone to bug but they are all asleep in their beds....sooo, she has decided to bug me.

max is finally playing with his balls is good to see him feeling better even if his late evening ball playing does annoy cole.

well...2 more diabetics to poke...and felix's bedtime cuddle and check..i should have done some of my personal laundry tonight cuz there was no saints laundry to do...but i didn't. maybe tomorrow night or on the long can i go before i run out of clean work clothes? probably not much longer.

quick note to the staff (because i will forget before morning) of our foster dogs foster mom is in the hospital so he is being dropped off here in the morning. long story made short...i do not know this dog except to know that he has alot of social problems. we took him on, sight unseen, to pay for his eye removal and because his new senior mom does sometimes end up in the hospital. i still have never met him, but have heard his stories..he is quite the handful and he bites..sigh...we are this little dog's safety net. so once lanie puts him in the pen with food and water and a nice soft bed in there, leave him for me to deal with...i will be home for lunch.
please set up an xpen for him in the computer room somewhere or in my bedroom if that works better..(it is too late for me to disturb colleen by digging around in the shop)..and when he does get dropped off, make sure you ask his name because i for the life of me cannot remember is mr. little bugger or something or other.



Do not haul the big tv will be fixed by next week and we can enjoy movie nights with the crew again:-)