Rescue Journal

another weekend slips was a very good weekend for all of us around here.

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2009

felix is sound asleep on my bed..brenda gave both he and squirt a bath so they are both sweet smelling and clean. felix was getting pretty excited while i was doing my laundry..he likes warm, clean stuff. so i have been dumping the piles on top of him on my bed to fold and he is happy as a bug, snug in a rug.
i am just a bit worried tho that he might pee in his sleep cuz i just put clean blankets on my bed and i would like them to stay nice and clean. oh well its a quality of life thing for felix (ok, maybe for me too, but his QoL is more important than mine cuz he is going to die way sooner.)

rose was a bit off earlier today, but she is good again now.
i fed the barn guys this morning so mo could watch her show. ellie was busy telling me how badly she hurt, and i was stroking her nose and telling her i was so sorry... then tunie came along and sat down right next to her and ellie felt like she got lots of sympathy this morning.

sooooo...she got out of bed all by herself and really, really early too and came for the walk with the dogs and me down to the pond. YAY ellie!
colleen made their dinner tonight and filled it with treats...the pigs got apples and lettuce and pumpkin and melba toasts and mini marshmellos...their bowls looked like they were made by a chef..they really enjoyed their dinner tonight, mmmmmm, yummmmm!

i bought felix his frozen dinners he is good for the week. little mister is still doing his own thing and we do not exist for him yet.

and that little milly is going to turn this house upside down...i better get her in for re-testing soon. she is almost totally clean now and i think we are at the 2 month re-check date so i might have to bite the bullet soon and move her over to here...the other cats are going to be totally pissed at me.

colleen is going to take angel and archie into the vets first thing in the morning..angel is for a blood sugar check and a nail trim, and archie is for a skin assessment and to look in his ears...i think that is it for vet runs right now.



it was a good weekend. i like all of the volunteers up there and we make a good team. i got to take lucas for a walk, i know i cant say he is one of my favorites, ooh did i just say that, oh well. i also took another of my sweeties, champ for a walk. it was a beautiful day . saw cleos windchime, it suited her very much. the mp room is not the same without her. visited little misters mom in the hospital, she misses him very much. by the way carol give me a call and i will update you everyone have a good week.