Rescue Journal

halloween sucks...municipalities really need to ban any kind of fireworks as unneccessary cruelty to animals...i wonder how many this morning are now running scared on the streets?

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2009

my house this morning is full of poop and pee (more than usual)..screw it..i locked all the doggy doors at 5 pm and in they stayed. i wasn't risking anyone going under or over fences when they were panicking. oh well we survived another year..but how many others did not.

i had a nice couple stop by last week just as i was going back to work from lunch. they were looking for a senior dog to share a home with their current 11 yr old dog. i asked if they were aware that the dogs here are either quite sick or elderly..or they had issues with past (or present) biting or hysteria like jesse, reggie and phoebe? they weren't, but they knew old dogs eventually got old dog problems so they made arrangements to come back is how the tour/introductions, lets see who will fit, walk around went...

lsst week we quickly met the mp dogs..this is
dusty..she is an 8 yr old blind and diabetic and because of her diabetes...she floods the floors if she is not let out very frequently. she is also afraid of men..doesn't bite but will bark and back away.

lucky is a 10 yr old blind golden retreiver..she is a lovely and sweet dog who likes to play with her toys. she does have an autoimmune disease that sometimes requires medication and she also eats poop so you have to watch that she doesn't swallow sticks or rocks if she does find some poop on the ground.

champ is a really nice 14 yr old dog but he has a chronic skin infection, he is very arthritic and needs pain meds every day. and he is not great with little dogs, not really aggressive.. just sort of short tempered.

this is sweet little shadow...a really nice 14 yr old dog..she loves people, cats, dogs and bunnies...she has good bladder control...but..she currently has kennel cough and a grade 4 heart murmur so the vet suspect that she does have significant underlying cardiac disease.

now the house dogs..i need to go quickly..there are alot and i am behind on stuff...

squirt was in hiding so we just ignored him altogether..

this molly our 18 yr old dog..she is totally incontinent, needs thyroid meds and weekly baths for her skin condition....nina is 15, only has one eye, is incontinent and might take off a fiinger if there is food in your hand...archie is 17, also has a skin condition and sometimes bites....rose is lovely, she was abused and has a week back end, ashe is incontinent and we just had to remove her eye, she probably has cancer and wil not be with us long.....buddy and sissy are a matched pair..they have a chronic skin condition and pee and poop everywhere.....max is a nice dog but he has cardiac disease, arthritis, needs meds every day, has collar issues so he might snap once in awhile mostly because he doesn't see very well.....lucas is a great dog, he is 14 with arthritis, needs meds and tires quickly....jewel is 15 has arthritis in her hips and spine and needs 4 different pain meds 2-3 times a day.....angel is a blind diabetic who is afraid of strangers but loves people she knows...caspar is a 10 yr old diabetic who needs to be muzzled with his insulin shots, daphne 1 is not for adoption, she has end stage cardiac disease and may die any second, daphne 2 is only four but has spinal disease and is totally incontinent, reggie is healthy but he barks all the time and over reacts to everything because of his anxiety, 4lane bites people he doesn't like, jesse bites sometimes too, don't look at andy..he bites and is afraid of humans, al is 15 and healthy but he climbs fences like they are not even there, and he has to sleep on the bed or he gets sad....jerry..well jerry can't be adpted right now so don't even look at him...prudence has a dislocated hip and mammary cancer but next week is having the tumours removed, donny is 14 years old and wonderful in every way but he does leak alot because he is so old.......cole has a displaced sacral fracture and is totally who did i miss???

anyway, by the time they met everyone..they realized the saints dogs were not what they were looking for..they really wanted a nice, gentle, not mentally messed up, relatively healthy younger since they really were a good home for the right dog....we sent them to mission and chilliwack animal control.

i will tell you tho..that by the time we were finished..i was almost embarrassed by their litany of was like all we have here are the total lemons of the senior animal world.

oh well...lemons or not...i still say, we do have the best dogs in the world.