Rescue Journal

i had this odd dream, just before my alarm went off..

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2009

it was some kind of spirit dream i think...anyway..neither me or the other being had a human body so it must have been a spirit thing.

anyway..we were floating from room to room, like i was giving a tour...and the spirit thing had this warm and silent voice that whispered thru the air...

she kept asking the same question, patiently, relentlessly, nonjudgementally but asking and asking and i kept giving the not right answer.

"why are there so many animals here/"

because they are old and sick and no one else would help them.

"why are there so many animals here?"

because they are wrecked and they leak.

"why are there so many animals here?'

because they got tossed away.

"why are there so many animals here?"

because they have no value, i didn't send them here...society did!"

i found myself getting frustrated, defensive even tho the voice was not implying anything except that the question's answer had not been spoken yet.

the voice continued as we floated from room to room, the animals below us sleeping in their beds..
warm, silent whispering...
"why are there so many animals here?"

because i am stupid? crazy? an idiot? a hoarder, a collector, a horrible rescuer?....what the hell do you want to hear????

and again, warmly, softly, gently....

"why are there so many animals here?"

i woke up with the dream still around me, and then in my now conscious mind, i went back thru the rooms, looking at every animal...and i think i had the answer but by then the voice and the spirit thing was was too late to tell her why they were here...

because there was a spot for each of them to lay down their heads at night and sleep in dreamless peace.

that's why they are here.

but now i don't know if that was the right answer because the voice had gone...floating away, just like my dream.

freaking spirit dreams...leaving before the job was done.

did she leave because i found the right answer or was it because i was just too stupid to ask anymore???



i agree with you there is a spot for them to lay their heads down and to feel comfortable and loved that is whaT SAINTS IS ALL ABOUT

Mauro Salles

Life sometimes is hard and sad, but incredibly simple. I don´t think there are esoteric or complex answers, because we are "here", not "there". Do you really need a "right" answer? The animals just live in peace, rare and precious thing! Do you have any doubts about your service for these "guys" ? Of course not ... :) :) :)


If it happens again, try to remember to ask the voice why they are there.

There is often great insight into ourselves in our own dreams.



I like that answer too....maybe was not a dream but an astral projection? lol