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come on in to the dark side....i have a blog poll for you

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2009

i got up late time to spew forth any of my twisted thoughts this morning. but i have a question for you..(this has come up a couple of times in the last couple of weeks...and again this morning from the TG blog) regular readers of rescue blogs..want happy, cheerful, funny...or do they want the real rescue mix of happy, funny, pissed off, crazy, sometimes lost in the dark blogs?
B. are no comments a sign that you did not like the content of that particular entry.

let's keep this general..not about just this blog...but about what you in general like to read about on rescue blogs (i am not looking for validation or condemnatrion of me personally cuz honestly, it probably wouldn't make much difference..i don't know how to write to a fail safe script..too much pressure for me)

sooo...if you have an opinion..will you please share it?..i will write what i like about the other blogs i read later.
gotta go to work..i am late.



I love your blog. the piss on the floor, the happy the sad. I don't comment but i do enjoy your writing, Thanks.


I'm a loyal reader - everyday. But I post rarely because usually compared to what you have written, my comments would pretty much be worthless. I have tried reading other blogs but they don't compare to yours. You are as real as it gets and from your blog I feel I know the SAINTS and love them dearly.

Don't change a thing - PLEASE!


I love the happy posts, sad posts, worry's all reality :) Mostly I don't comment because I'm taking in all that has been said.

Thinking about it, most of the blogs I wander to it's because of the pictures and I often skim the content. I read all of your posts tho and you rarely post any pictures lol.


Keep the blog rolling just as it is, please. I check in every day. I don't comment very often because a lot of times there's just nothing to add: your stories are complete, your musings are thought-provoking, and the pictures you paint with your prose of the SAINTS inmates are indelible.

Make sure you back it all up to disc - there's a book in there, I can tell.


off the subject, i have a psycho maniac dog who just happens to be a saints dog. you guessed it, copper. i gave all my 4 dogs a smoky bone tonight and copper decided to hoard his as he lay pretending to sleep on his bed. the bone was right by his mouth and as the other dogs approached, and even me, his eyes looked like they were possesed and he uttered a low deep growl like f off this is my bone and get away from it. it was funny but i think the other dogs got the message. he may be small but he is a force to be reckoned with. as far as not commenting on your blog carol, i do it fairly often, but feel maybe people really do not care what i think so so sometimes i hold is always totally great to read and your honesty is appreciated. i really hope rosies other eye is going to be okay, she does not need any more stress in her life. she is a very sweet dog.


ok. it just occurred to be fair... the folks who don't like it or read it aren't posting in this poll..oh well..a fatally flawed poll.
carol sucks at polling.
it was nice hearing from all of you tho!


Carol I read every day and sometimes add a comment or two. I enjoy reading whats going on at Saints the good ,the bad, and the really gross. You tell it like it is and I appreciate that. Saints isn't a bed of roses life is difficult for you, and the volunteers, not so much for the animals because they have you guys. I wouldn't want to you write any other way.


In short we all love the blog and wouldn't want it changed or sugar coated. Keep it real. Even reading about runny poo has not put me off my food!


I read your blog daily.
I think that sometimes you are too hard on yourself. And I think sometimes we should give the floor to Phoebes as she might have a lot to say,lol


First time blogger here(Lady and Lippy's mom).Please do not change a thing Carol. I love that you care so much for all the animals and tell their stories and also share with us your personal feelings.Whether good or bad it has made me laugh and cry.Love what you do and who you are. I too am one of the "stalkers" who reads your blog every morning and night just to keep up with all that goes on in the crews life and yours. I know what to expect on the weekends when I'm there!I may not comment but I do read every day!!


We have a handsome handy Man ... Doh , maybe I better switch jobs so I can get out there during the week more often.

Hey can our handsome handyman start working on shelves in feedroom, and new " kiwi" latches on the gates that I love so much... LOl


The first thing I do every day when I wake up is check on Saints blog. The last thing I do at night on the computer is check back again. Your blog is incredible, and I love that you tell it like it is. I learn a lot from reading it, and I love the fact that no matter what happens, you tell us. I think that a lot of the time, it seems therapeutic to you, as well, to be able to have somewhere to write out what's going on- and I appreciate the honest ups and downs, cuz that's real life, in any case, but especially in rescue. There are the fairy tale stories, there are the really sad stories, and there are the angry ones that make me want to fight the bad guys too. Your blog is the best.
I rescue animals, too, but on a much smaller scale- fostering kittens, cats and dogs, and taking in abused, neglected, separation anxiety or other problem dogs and cats... but I've never had the guts to take in a senior. I admire the fact that you have the strength to keep up with a hundred plus senior animals, all with medical issues or behavior flaws that make them unadoptable- you really are an angel, and you perform a miracle, time and time again, for each and every SAINT.

Thank you Carol, for your blog, for your rescue mission, and for all the miracles!

Pat Jones

I like your Blog because it,s real.Keep on telling like it is. Pat Jones


I read your blog and one other religiously. Both of you are gifted writers and I appreciate both blogs equally. Yours is very honest, heart on your sleeve, ups and downs and round and rounds. The other blog is honest as well but there are obviously omissions so as not to bring their supporters down. It is very focused on the animals, their lives, their deaths, their adoptions but it never gets political or invites debates on morality. That's why I come to your blog.

I love that you are always questioning your ethics, other's ethics, animal ethics. It's as if there are no boundaries with your blog which I like. Apart from letting us peek into the lives of the animals, you also educate readers through your own questions and inconsistencies. Quite unique.

Lack of comments means nothing. Many of us will not comment because we don't feel we are actually contributing. As many people have written this is your journey and we only offer thoughts when we feel they are useful or constructive. I know some blogs with THOUSANDS of comments but the comments all consist of, "Good job", "Glad to hear", "What a cute dog", etc. Not so interesting to read.


Answer to A: I want the truth whick is a mix of the good and the bad. I want your help in knowing the crew because I can't get out there in person.

Answer to B: Sometimes it is difficult to make a comment because what you have just written is overwhelming and sometimes I just feel no one really needs to hear my opinion. It is your blog, not mine.

I really enjoy the regular contributors too like Deb and Lynne and Mo and so many others. Mustn't leave out the handsome handyman!


I also agree with the others, that folks need to know both the dark side of rescue as well as the lighter moments. Going through troubles makes one appreciate brighter moments more. It's the daily grind as anyone in rescue knows it's not all rosy.
Keep it up!

Willie C.

It's a wonderful blog. I seldom comment because I have nothing to offer - it's your story, along with the animals that live with you.

Thank you for sharing!


I want to read a blog that is real and puts it like it is; that makes it personal for me and something that I can become involved in - even at a distance. I don't read very many blogs but I am hooked on yours. I found out about you because of the Americats and I wanted to follow them. Do I wish you wrote more about them? Of course! But then there was Oka (I love Rotties), Gideon, Swinger, Ogidie, Jeanette, Jed, and so many others that I have known from a distance because of this REAL blog.

I was an animal control office. I have seen the dark side of man when it concerns animals. It is nice to read real life - not just the stuff to make people happy.

There are times I comment and I wonder if I sounded stupid or was off-base. Recently, I wanted to comment but felt that you, the writer, had said it all and there was nothing I could add that would make it better, lift your spirits, solve the problem, etc. Did I check back to see if anyone else posted? You bet! At least 5 times that day.

I don't always agree with what you say - I don't have to - I am not the one living it. I always appreciate and love the fact that you keep it real.


I don't have time to read other Blogs & when I have tried , they have not been able to keep my interest in coming back on any regular basis... and I don't often respond because quite frankly I sit & work at a computer all day... so the 15 or 20 minutes I can stand to be sitting at my home computer is usually spent on reading E-mails & the SAINTS blog.

I admit sometimes I can go for 2 or 3 days & not even sign into my home computer... Ok so I spend some time here at work reading the SAINTS blog ... hopefully my boss hasn't gotten hooked on it : - O

I can go days & not check my voicemail too.... my bad


carol, i look forward to your blog as i too read it everyday. the good , the funny, the bad, the ugly and etc. i laugh, i cry and and get angry and sometimes it makes me think a little deeper, but there was a time where you'd have me rolling on the floor laughing myself to tears from your visual stories.. fore front on the storys was "copper" i do sometimes miss those stories.

i don't respond much either but i'm here up in the north, standing behind you.
take care,carol


I enjoy reading your blog every day and the thing I do enjoy about it is the REALNESS of it. I also enjoy websites that focus on the successes because it is hopeful as long as it is also honest. I think there is room for both, but you should never hesitate to tell it like it is because that is what you do best! I've learned a lot from all you have shared. I never post, but I read your blog every day and love hearing stories about saints and also love the photos... so I can flip over and make sure I remember which saint you are writing about.

So, thanks for all you do and also for letting us be a part of it from a distance!

Barbara DeMott

I agree. We want to have all of it. I particularly like specific stories (good or bad) about the animals as I can not go to Saints too often because of distance. Sometimes I don't hear about an animal for a long time so I wonder how she/he are doing.
Controversial and topical discussions or ideas are also good as I think they go beyond the blog to ethics.
If there are no comments, I think it is because the blog is about your personal feelings or woes and it is hard to comment except perhaps in support.
I liked the idea when you were going to write up something about medications for seniors, even just how to combine or stagger meds or "homecare" type rememdies. Or even a discussion of when enough medical intervention is enough as we all have to make that call.
What happened to that? too much liability?


Your blog is just fine as it is. The only times I find myself in disagreement with you are when you are beating yourself up. I appreciate your views of the animals; I wish you would show the same compassion for yourself on some occasions. But that's just you being you. I wouldn't have you change anything about your writing.
You write your truth and you do it clearly. Keep on!

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

I read your blog every day sometimes three or four times! Why, cuz I like you and you do tell it like it is! You keep me grounded too. I like the tidbits of information that help me care for the seniors in my group too. Fluffy always happy blogs do rescue no favours. Keep up the good the bad and the ugly! It isn't just entertainment - it is a learning experience - every time!!


I guess I misunderstood the no comments thing. I read your blog daily and check back a few times a day in case you wrote another because you sometimes post more than once a day. I comment seldomly. I guess that makes me a bit of a lurker. lol. Your blog is like an online real time, real life biography. Perhaps people read it like that and feel no need to comment.


I would rather read your blog than watch any TV show or movie because it is real and it's heartfelt. Joy, excitement, anger, grief, laughter. I read several blogs daily and yours is by far #1. Don't change a thing. Your writing is a gift and puts me in the moment of whatever you are writing about. When I see "no comments" on a blog, it depends on what the apparent reason is. You have turned off comments once or twice and there were valid, explained reasons. I actually stopped reading one very popular blog because she turned off all comments permanently and actually stated that it's because there were a couple of posters she didn't like posting because they were "trolls" or troublemakers. So what? 99% of all the other posters had interesting viewpoints and opinions of their own. Ignore the trolls. BUT, I would read your blog whether the comments were on or off because to me, your blog is a real life story with no ending (that's a good thing). :0)


We know its not all....Sunshine N tell it like it is....its ussually an interesting read...sometimes funny...sometimes sad...but its real...just cause you get no comments on some...doesn't make it boreing....some people read daily...but post very little.......We would like to hear more about.... what that handsome handyman of yours is up to each day...... :) :) :)

Lori Paul

I read blogs to understand other people's realities so I want an uncensored, all aspects account and I must admit, I enjoy the occasional rant. But I need to hear some good news as well, especially when it comes to animal rescue because otherwise, my heart wouldn't hold up to the ongoing horrors of what happens to pets in our modern world. I comment only when something moves me emotionally or when I believe I have something to share which is of potential value to the blogger. I check myself when I have the impulse to offer advice (when complaints are flying!) because I recognize the need for blowing off some steam and I know that 'this too shall pass'. Seems to me that everyone is learning, and attracting to themselves, what they need in order to learn in a way that is meaningful to them. I see your work as a higher calling and an ongoing pursuit with vertical intention. You are on a heroes journey and you will encounter dragons. You will also get to kiss a prince or, in your case, a Sprightly, so it's all worth it!

Francesca Wilson

Carol, I think Larraine says it all. I too read the blog every day for the same reasons.


I have tried reading other rescue blogs but your's is the only one that I read daily. I cry, I laugh and I get angry.

Why do I read your blog daily??
Because you tell it like it is. The good the bad and the ugly whatever is going on..