Rescue Journal

the wanna-be's

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2009

animals in many ways really are not that different than humans. living in some kind of real life fantasy is not exclusive to people...animals do it too.
i am not sure if they are totally oblivious to the facts or if they are just enjoying the "pretend" but in any case, some have their own dreams that they dream.

i am sometimes that dream wrecker...i have to be to keep them safe.

take is the reality...big wussy baby. craves his face to be cradled in soft human hands, cries like an infant whenever he's sad. super mr. sensitive pretending to be "the big man."
he knows damn well he could never actually kill anything but somehow he believes he is a wild thing and longs to be chomping down on some animals leg while skulking under a tree.
like cole has even one single drop of wild blood of anything floating thru his veins...but cole has this dream..he has his fantasy of the wild beast within him.

now take scrappy's big tough cat whose job in life is to draw blood from dogs.....any cat can beat the crap out of a weaker cat...but to take on dogs? hey... that is one tough guy.
the reality..the dogs are scared shitless of cats..they have met frodo, they have met stripe...they are not stupid so they run from cats.
and mr tough guy scrappy is also a conflicted cat...he wants to be the captain of the swat team but he also really enjoys being a nursemaid....lotus's cleanliness can attest to that.

phoebe believes herself to be the sweetest of all things, yet how many humans have dripped blood cuz of her? 4lane thinks he is an ok kind of guy but why do all of the other dogs hate him? max the blind and misguided cattle-dog dog, and suzy the devil without the blue dress on, none as scary as they would like to believe, (except lucas for some reason believes max..go figure)

finally there is james i can and will beat up anything..he just got into a tussle with the three legged was over before i got here to break it up..but it is james bond the 19 yr old cat who is huffing and puffing and wheezing and trying to catch his breath..diablo is breathing perfectly fine. he actually thought he was physically fit enough to fight with a three year old?

part of my job here is to let them believe in their fantasies without actually letting them become reality. (someone might get hurt.)
the simple truth is..there is who they are and who they are not.

go ahead dream a little dream you guys....if you wanna-be a bunch of wanna-be's, it is perfectly fine with me. (but you ain't never going to be gnawing on some poor animal's leg cole!)