Rescue Journal

you guys are not going to believe this..but it is true...

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2009

some dogs can in real life give you the two thumbs up sign.
now i know darn well that dogs don't have thumbs but they do have something else..they have ears.
and if they have the right kind of ears, they can so give the thumbs up to you.

are you imagining it? are you seeing two upright ears?
well.....if you are, you are imagining it wrong.

the thumbs up sign in dogs is....
inside out ears.

so if you have a dog like copper, or phoebe or daphne two with the right kind of ears and you do or are doing something they really approve and sharing, or being really fun and playing, they will reward you with turning inside out one or both ears.

one ear is one thumb up...two ears is two thumbs up. it is how they positively reinforce good behavior in us.

this evening phoebe gave me two thumbs up. i noticed that she thought her bed was less than fact she thought it was downright pathetic so i decided to fix it for her.

i went out to the shop and picked her up a big fluffy pillow bed...i stopped in the medical room and found her this very cool, paris hilton type white furry throw with bright pink, tufted strings all over. i came back to the house, set up her new and improved bed and phoebe happily turned both her ears inside out and said....
"wow, good job...thx man...very cool bed!"

don't believe me? ask colleen, she saw the happy approval of two thumbs (ears) up (inside out) given to me.

you are welcome phoebe.



Phebes doesn't really create chaos, she just likes to get the party started. She rallies the troops when she feels the need to. Never a dull moment when she is around.


She IS a sweet girl. But I have over the past bit seen the devil spawn she is as well.

Reggie talks...Phebes talks/purposefully creates chaos. But my gawd she was giving the 2 *thumbs* up and 100% diggin' her new throne and most perfect ( paris hilton who?? ) blanket!


A Sweet Girl????...she's the only dog there....(besides Jesse)....thats came really close to biteing me :shock: ....But she's a really fun...goodlookin dog....with an attitude......somehow...I can relate... :) :) Good on ya Phoebe ;)


Now that's a nice Phoebe story, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She is such a sweet girl.