Rescue Journal

life does not stop when any of us die.

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2009

we think it might at least pause for a moment..but really it never does. we each can go into shut down for a moment, a month or a year when we lose someone we love but while we may stop, life does not.
and even with death, life never stops for even a moment here.

i don't think it is a lack of respect or an uncaring of those that pass away...we carry their loss right along with us while we continue to care for the living.

milly and harvey both tested negative to FeLv. milly was the first to move over to the house. angie was made to vacate her holding cage. we didn't kick angie right out because she is not near to ready...we moved her to milly's pen in the medical room where she could still feel safe and confined but in a bigger space.
milly looked pretty damn comfortable in angie's old cage...she was rolling around in happiness, content with her new change of space.
since she looked so relaxed and content, i decided to let her out. it took exactly 4 minutes before she and conan the barbarian cat were screaming and rolling around. conan is very upset...milly is soaking wet because she rolled right thru the water bowl..but she was quite cheerfully happy to go right back at it..."come back here you fiendishly black cat, and i will finish you off!"

scrappy met me, wide eyed in the hallway after i had tossed her, purring away, back into her cage... he said.. "have you lost your freaking mind to set that lunatic loose on us?....she is totally insane!"

i just knew that cat was going to be a handful. sorry guys..i was hoping i was wrong about her.

anyone want a really funny, really cheerful, killer cat?



who is he mean to..humans or animals?...if it is just humans...i'll trade!


sorry, at my limit right now. Or, maybe we could trade. I have probably the meanest ex-semi-feral tomcat that ever walked the earth...would that work?