Rescue Journal

just a quickie..i don't feel great so i slept in til the last minute

Carol  ·  Nov. 10, 2009

probably just a mild flu like reaction to the H1N1 vaccine i got last week. but some of the dogs are feeling like crap...4lane and chica did the poor barf babies routine for most of the night.
sissy wants her morning i picked her up but i had to put her right down again...who'd have thought 4 years ago that today i couldn't hold her because she is dropping hair all over my work sweater...sissy, you are shedding???? way to go girl!

the staff are going to shift cats around again today...milly the maniac back to the medical room, hopefully harvey will behave himself over here...except i already know, he does not like dogs.
why can't they both just be good and cooperate with the master plan?
it was a good plan til milly messed it up.



we need help on wednesday. the staff will not be there as it is a holiday . i will go up at 930 but would appreciate any help i can get. thanks.