Rescue Journal

so imagine this...

Carol  ·  Nov. 10, 2009

i come home, it's dark...the barn guys are all in bed (thx colleen!)..i stop for a quick chat with percy and joy over the back yard fence.
i come in the house and say hello, grab a mop and paper towels..hmmm, not much mess tonight, yea!
i decide that since i can't do the diabetics yet...i will put on my pj's and bathrobe (decandent, it is only 6:30) and then i lay down with the bed buddies and start watching the movie "airport"'s a bad movie but it is warm, dark and comfortable on the bed.
the dogs are milling a bit, to find the best spot, 4lane is on the bed and looking over the edge at reggie and reggie of course is screaming cuz 4lane is looking at him.

i am thinking this is a nice and quiet evening (except for reggie, but i am ignoring him cuz i know once 4lane lays down, he will be quiet too.....for awhile at least.) then suddenly, out of nowhere, i feel a chomp and an excrutiating pain in my littlest left toe which was INNOCENTLY hanging off the bed.

i leap from the bed and flip on the light and every single bed buddy is sitting there silently stunned and looking at me with really wide eyes....including 4lane. i check my toe..luckily it is still attached.

the only one missing is the now totally silent for once reggie...he is very quiet under that bed, he is not making a sound.....silence is golden and in this case a pretty damn good clue on who is the little puke who chomped my toe.

tomorrow i am cutting his bangs so he can see better...that freaking hurt.



oh carol, so sorry about your toe,,
but i have to say the visual made me laugh so much i cried. my husband on the other end of the phone had to wait to i could control my laughter. thanks for the laugh.

if i was reggie, i'd stay under the bed tonight.


oh..ok..i get it..ipod..toe...ipod...toe
ipod wins...hah..i am changing my mind, it is no longer safe in the drawer...look under the bed with reggie.