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actual animal news...

Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2009

little mister went home today..his mom was released from hospital... big sigh of relief...he went ballistic when i gently but relentlessly forced him into the carrier...good thing he was biting the crate and not me cuz that would have REALLY hurt.

harvey is so far doing quite well in the house. he is such a lovely cat.

prudence goes in for her very big surgery tomorrow...all of the mammary tumours off and a full hysterectomy. it is the best chance we can give her for a good and healthy life. please god, don't let the cancer be hiding anywhere else in her...just what we can see and then she will be ok.
today on the run..she looked so good..her coat is now soft and shiny, she sometimes weight bears on her dislocated hip...she just looks so much better than when she got here....amazing what taking out a ton of abcessed teeth can do to improve their day.

jewel stayed a cranky hag for most of the day. and jesse and 4lane were even worse. how can 2 such sweet looking dogs be such nasty beasts? 4lane is funny utter bugger one second and looking you straight in the eye a second later all soft and sweet. we should call him sybil/

ok..bed buddies are waiting. and i forgot to tell everyone that thx to 2 of our volunteers...the big tv is fixed so movie nights are back on the saints menu again. i am planning one myself for dusty and lucky for the weekend...maybe shadow can come too if she would just please stop coughing!



i do appreciate the reality of this side of things but realities are different in life..and especially here and now.
i was happy cuz we finally got the tax receipts and thank you cards for financial donations figured out..i have to think harder on how to keep track of and cover the bleach and paper towels (which we do appreciate just as much...can you imagine a morning here without either of those?)...but it will be a ton of work to keep track of all of that too and send thank you cards out.


Carol Hello and greetings,

As a passionate supperter of some rescue organizations, I do know this:
Different ears, hears different words.
"THANK YOU"...........can sound like:" Oh well....I dont think she liked it".......Or " I did not even see a smile on her face when she said:'Thank you"......She looked as if she was peed off".............

So the tone of voice of a thank you, depending on manners, culture, country etc........can make a big difference in HOW is your "thank you" perceived.

There is ONE thing that you can never deny. It is the universality of expression of emotions.

People cry.
People are sad
People are angry.
People fear.

Me, as a donor and a lover of my group, I really NEED one thing.
I need to know, feel and sense the PASSION of the receiver of my gift. I want to know that the receiver was very happy and very excited to recieve my gift.
I give it with LOVE.......and I want to be loved back.
I give it with SPIRIT and I want it to be accepted that way.
I give it from the bottom of my heart, and I want to know that it went straight to the bottom of the heart of the receiver.
I want to know that they were excited when they got my gift. Why? because I was soooooooooo excited to give it.

So Carol..........if it is your experience, that people get peed off because you did not thank them.........I can assure you that this is NOT the reason. If donors would have not felt and known that your job is so G-dly and needed, they would have NOT given you money. The animals do not "thank you"? of course they do. In their way of knowing how to thank you. YOU, on the other hand, thank people the way you know how to do so. However, you can never take for granted that they KNOW how happy and grateful you were. You must tell them or SHOW them.

I admire your exsistance...........I thank the crator of this universe for creating people like you. Keep doing and keep thanking. I am sure that you give many many thanks to whoever and whatever keeps you going. I am sure that you want to know that you are heard. ACKNOWLEDGED............if those( HE, SHE, THEM) are very very busy taking care of other very important stuff.