Rescue Journal

expanding my family.

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2009

prudence did ok with her surgery today, she did have some trouble with post-op bleeding...there were a lot of mammary masses to remove plus some other funky masses and she had her spay. everything is going off for pathology. we either got it all or we did not, no way to really tell except to wait and see.
i called the clinic to check on her...and could hear thru the phone her screaming...they thought it was just the waking up with sedation disorientation....but those of us at saints know well the sound of pru's frustrated scream when she wants me. poor baby...she can come home tomorrow and i bet by then the vet staff figure out that she is kind of noisy normally.

i have been struggling since the loss of cleo..who if anyone, i should adopt next. the possibilities of dogs who will not get homes, is endless. maybe i am not the home of their dreams..but maybe it is the only dream that can come true for them.

i don't want any of these guys to die without a person they own..but my limit of my own personal dogs has always been no more than who is never going to leave here?...who is truly happy here so becoming part of my personal family is not any real hardship?...andy, squirt, jewel, cole....rose???? who do i choose?
you probably think, what the hell is the difference, you live and love them all anyhow. well i do.
but i have to ensure that whoever i do adopt, wants to be adopted by me too AND that they won't do better somewhere else.. like cuddles did when he left me.

and in all honesty..i have lost several of my much loved family members in this past year...hook, tally, lexie and cleo..that is a lot of personal losses for me on top of everyone else. and i was very careful to ensure that the ones i adopted from here...wanted to be adopted by me.

sooooo...i have been thinking. tyra is getting up there...she almost 14 now...maude is reaching for 17..frodo is 17 and dixie is almost 9 so she should be around for awhile...not that she is all warm and fuzzy, she still hates my guts...but that is ok, cuz i do give dixie what she wants...other cats and especially sunny.

anyway..this is what i have decided. i am adopting daphne 2 for three reasons...i adore her, she really likes it here and she loves me too...and finally, i might be able to actually find her a home but not one that will let a bowel and bladder incontinent, sleep on the bed...and this is really important to daphne.

for purely selfish reasons....i need a younger dog, one that i don't have to fear that our journey together may only last a few more weeks or months or maybe a year or two. i need someone to see me thru the other losses that are creeping up on me. and for some reason..the pain in the ass, busy little bossy barking bee that she is...i really am in love with i am going to adopt daphne 2.

and i am also going to break my own three dog rule.

daphne 1 is reaching the end. i have loved that dog since the day i met her. i did my best for her and despite how much i loved her... sent her out to permanent foster care and covered her medical costs for the 4 years she was there. but in the end, she lost that home because she did eventually become incontinent and that was a problem when it became a was ok when it seemed far away.

little daffy duck dog, has always been my sunshine dog...she brings light into my life every day. and she has always loved me too...her little wiggle body, lives for me to spend time with her...i bring light into her life too.

her heart is getting pretty bad now...she is on both foretkor and digoxin. and last night she started coughing...i think she is starting to slip into congestive heart failure. she goes into the vet tomorrow to see if a small dose of lasix would be ok. this lovely, sunshiny friend of mine is not going to die homeless.
she is going to die as part of my family.

soooo tyra, maude, frodo, dixie chick and i welcome daphne one and daphne two into our very strange family.

i think i chose fairly..squirt and andy have some time to wait, jewel just assumes she owns me and the whole place anyway...cole really does love mo best and rose? well rose knows she is truly well loved.



Sounds like matches made in heaven to me. Wonderful story, tears of joy, happy heart, and warm and fuzzy all over. Welcome to the Hine clan, Daphnes!


Gosh what took you so long.. Lol Good choices & Yea for the Daphne's

Daphne 2 will keep us all smiling for years & years to come.


Congratulations Carol! After reading this I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy -- thank you!


Yay, for the Daphne's joining the Hine clan...good choices and a great ending to Jen's first rescue.