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food for thought today...

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2009

define what loyalty really means.

i was born as a taurus, in the chinese year of the dog. years ago i read a combo horoscope that simply said..."faithful fido"

thats pretty much me. for me loyalty once hard to dislodge. i still do things unseen in the back ground to help support those who have closed certain doors.

it is the animals who taught me about loyalty...if i hadn't learned i couldn't care for the phoebe's, the reggie's out there. i couldn't keep caring for percy who worries me sometimes. i couldn't do my best for the hanks who fly at me in rage every day they were here...or the dixies who hate my guts.

but really what is loyalty..and why is it given and then taken away? the animals know the loss of it..every single one of them here...and we their caregivers know of it too.
is it a bond to be broken easily or does it take something totally horrific to destroy?
do we in fact think we give it..but when push comes to shove (like when moving, or frustrated) we find, really it is not there?

or do we not understand what loyalty really is so we change our minds?
i was thinking about this last night with the bed buddies around me. they know what loyalty is now...but did they before?



I'm loyal to people who hold the same ideals as me. ( morals and ethics )I'm pretty black and white in those areas. Very little grey there. Pisses some people off, but oh freaking well!

When it comes to animals, I'm grey all over. I'll accept whatever grievances they have and deal with it. Most times with true love, the food that is correct for them, being tended to by a Vet when needed, and with a healthy patience they will come around.

I bet all of your bed buddies THOUGHT they had someone who thought they understood loyalty when they bought/adopted them. Sometimes shits happens and there is a crunch, but most times ( IMO )the human animal is selfish.


Hey Im loyal to you babe(my first shelter work) another rat today outta the shop....Im building pig pens for the pig rescue...her fencing contractor was a no show....she'd be screwed without me there......looks like fun job....thanx for the referance....of course im always referanceing Saints.....Ya they love you too over there.... :) :) :)


Interesting topic. I believe I hold loyalties of different strengths. Think of a burning building. I wouldn't die for many.
How do soldiers feel about loyalty - to their county, their command, their fellow soldiers?
How do you ever know who will be loyal back? My dog can be bought off by a cookie!


Carol or Nicole

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