Rescue Journal

just a quick couple of bedtime stories before i let the little bastards velcro me for the night.

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2009

firstly...4lane..i did let him out of the laundry room while i put the mp room guys to bed, by the time i got back he had rose, max and jewel cornered in the kitchen..they are all very happy when i stuck him back up in the laundry room again...but 4lane is doing his mournful singing thing.

the felv's..i usually feed them again at night and then lay on the couch for a few minutes with whoever forgoes the stuffing of ones face. rock always sits with me first..he thinks it is polite to spend some time with me before he eats. and miranda also has to have some chewing on carol time before she settles down to eat. mostly murray eats first and then comes over for some pets..but tonight he decided to climb up and rest on my chest for awhile first.
but it was miranda who brought back some memories for me tonight. i was remembering when i first went to pick up the original FF cats from the SPCA. we had decided on a certain number and when we got there i chose the ones that seemed to be strongly bonded. i did not even notice miranda til we went to leave. suddenly, she hit the door with all four feet..."hey, where are you going?? what about me????"

we left with the chosen ones but i could not get her out of my was like she was supposed to come and i had totally messed it up. i called back the next day and said we would take her if she needed a place to go..they thought they had someplace for her so i let the thought of her go. in the end it didn't work out with one of the other rescues to take as many as they had thought so miranda a couple of weeks later did finally come to saints.

what a character she happy is she here with us..i am so glad that she came even if she does chew on my chin. love ya busy body thing.

and finally, the new guys...every night at insulin time in the bedroom, i am breaking their hearts. their hopeful and then suddenly sad little faces when the food comes out for caspar and angel but does not come out for them...come on you guys..i cannot get into the whole nightly feeding frenzy of 20 little bottomless pits...just the med guys are getting is not personal, it is medical.... on a need to eat only basis....not all of you guys.



Miranda is a total love sponge. First day I was shown around at Saints this black furball came flying from the shelf and velcroed to my chest. Sit down on the couch and Miranda is pushing up under your chin, nipping, rubbing and trying to chew off your buttons.