Rescue Journal

i know why doris likes the kitchen best...

Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2009

because she is in the exact center of the entire house so when she starts her monotone and repititive..bark, pause, bark, pause, bark, pause....she stands the best chance of being heard. and she is can hear her from everywhere.
oh...doris is hungry, doris wants a drink, doris wants a better bed so go make her one, doris doesn't really want anything except to see if anyone is around.

twice last night and then again at 6 am this morning, doris was calling and yes i could hear her so i had to get up and see what she wanted....first it was a new bed, then it was a drink and a snack..this morning was just to see if anyone was up yet...and yes doris..i am awake and here again now.

she just cracks me stoic in her effort to bark, pause, bark, pause, bark pause.....for whatever it is that she wants. and the reason she is so funny is once you have answered her call...she totally dismisses you, you cease to a lowly servant who has fulfilled their purpose and now becomes invisible....until she wants something else.

i think she must be like a queen...