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Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2009

"oh comes another eye sucking post again."...says colleen, staff person who had to take the last 2 dogs into the vet this afternoon cuz i was tied up with the shavings delivery.
should have been 'eye and tooth and reproductive organ sucking post' because...
spot needs both eyes out and dental extractions.... lily needs tooth extractions, a hysterectomy, her mammary tumours removed and most likely an eye too....yuki needs a hysterectomy and dental extractions..and toni needed to have her incisions debrided and re-sutured and needs testing for cushings.

toni had her surgery today to clean out those incisions..the vet thinks she has cushings disease because as soon as they took the existing sutures out, the healed incisions split wide open. she will go back in 2 weeks from now for suture removal and cushings testing.

yuki is booked next week for her surgeries. spot and lily go in tomorrow morning for their very big surgeries. i better remember to fast them tonight.

i really, really, really hate removing both eyes from blind dogs...i can handle one eye gone..that seems medically necessary and unavoidable...but two eyes just seems kind of creepy like you enjoy sucking eyeballs out of poor innocent blind dogs.
oh well...i better get over my squeamishness soon cuz tomorrow will be here in about 16 hours.

anyway..since the shavings got here so late and it was pissing down rain...we put the barn guys to bed early so both colleen and i are done with the very cold, dripping wet stuff by 4 pm for a change.

that is kind of nice.



buttons will help you get over it - he just looks like he's always squinting his eyes.
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