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wspa, wishlist, facebook, the list goes on....

Nicole  ·  Nov. 19, 2009

Very proud to annouce that SAINTS is a member of WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)

I've had a couple emails asking for a wishlist for offices to collect goods for SAINTS during the Christmas season.
So I've updated the wishlist and you can find it here

Also we have a poster for SAINTS if you have a appropriate bulletin board section at your workplace, please feel free to post it.

If you're on facebook (and you know how to use it, unlike Carol!!), please join our Facebook group.

Reminder to vote everyday for SAINTS in the shelter challenge, we have dropped a few spots and are currently at 30th, please, please remember to vote, everyday. the link is the big purple button on the right of the screen.
Visit: – Click on the ’Shelter Challenge’ tab – Type in S.A.I.N.T.S. -Select CAN -then select BC -then click search and VOTE – Repeat Daily!!
And remind your friends and family too!

Reminder about the SCOTIABANK BAKE SALE - get your baking in now!!!
DATE: Friday, November 27th
PLACE: Scotiabank 33217 1st Ave. (corner of Welton and First Ave.)
NOTE: Bakers Desperately Needed!! Volunteers Needed!
* Yummy Baking, Craft and Gift Items!!
CONTACT: Laura Bishop
Julie Hartland 604.826.3290

Also, as Mo said I have updated the dog pages, that cats will come next, I've also updated some of the other pages on the website so take a peak around.