Rescue Journal

first thing in the morning and i already suck again

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2009

i had an email inquiry about 3 weeks ago on adopting a senior dog....i couldn't find the preadopt application on the computer and then i remembered it was in the old computer that crashed so i filed the email in my mental "to do list" til i could somehow figure out what to take the time to write out all the questions i wanted answered.

it got buried..i forgot and then 3 days ago i went back thru the emails cuz i knew there was stuff there i still had to go back to and i found the original email..which i could not remember if i had answered or not...which i hadn't. so i quickly sent off a couple of possibilities on who might suit until i could find or make a new the pre-adopt.
nice folks, interested in lucas...her last email came on the 17th asking what i needed to know about them. well lots but i didn't have time at that moment to write it broke his toe, 4lane had his "i might die because you made me unhappy" fit, the new dogs needed vet checks and i was still trying to finish off that mess in the shop areas.
long story...not so short...they found a dog with another rescue (one apparently who actually answers their emails in a timely fashion..she did not say this, she was nice...i am saying this because it is true.)

sorry lucas..i have no idea if this was or was not the perfect home for you cuz i freaking suck in many shit, finding lost things, remembering to do something important that i put off for some reason or other and keeping my eye on that ever bouncing, rickoshaying rescue ball that includes finding a great home for you.

that freaking ball keeps bouncing back and hitting me right between my not sucked out eye balls....ka-thump (maybe if they were sucked out i would have a reasonably good excuse)



Carol, quit beating yourself up. They provided a forever home for the dog they were supposed to. If it was supposed to be Lucas or anyone else at SAINTS it would have happened, one way or another.