Rescue Journal

today i was held captive on my bed.

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2009

spot and lily are home and spot was bumping his eyes on stuff til finally i just laid in bed with him all day and he slept.

we had a visitor today...she came into my room on the tour to meet the bed buddies...nice lady, rubbed jerry's tummy. she mentioned she had just gotten 2 kittens, she thought they were both females but turned out to be brother and sister instead. i said to get them fixed as soon as possible..she said she was going to breed them together, and she was going to breed her pugs and her shitz tsu's too and maybe mix the breeds together to fix the current pug breed inherent breathing problems...everyone was going to have at least one litter because they wanted that chance to be mothers.
i had a 2 day headache..i was worried about spot and the upcoming lawsuit, i was feeling guilty for laying on the bed while everyone else was busting their butts working.
i had nothing more to say to this person who saw my bed overflowing with old, homeless, wrecked, poorly bred little dogs..most of whom were sprouting cones on their heads, visible sutures on their bodies and missing most of their teeth and an eye or two.

if seeing that did not make her think, nothing i had to say would have done any good.

and honestly? i just do not give a shit any more about the ignorance and selfishness and dishonesty that i routinely encounter in rescue.. i am facing my third threatened bullying bogus lawsuit in 3 freaking years...i have met thousands of people just like that nice lady stroking jerry's tummy on my bed today, and i am tired of breathing the same air as all of the users out there.

go ahead,, breed your kittens, breed your dogs, neglect them all and let them suffer, sue my ass off every fucking is never going to stop and i don't give a shit..i will still kill myself to pick up the pieces of every life you try to shatter, but i just do not want to talk to any of you any more.

i am going to become a bed hermit...just me and the dogs.



Unbelievable! I hope she reads this blog after her visit as she obviously has not read it before.


I wish you'd had a clue-stick so you could have whacked her with it. A really long clue-stick so you wouldn't even have had to get out of bed. Whack. Whack whack.

I guess people cannot put two and two together. There oughta be a law. Sigh.