Rescue Journal

i want to say something to the volunteers

Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2009

every single weekend, you guys get into your cars and drive out here to work your asses off. you care as much and as deeply for these guys as i do, you care about saints as much as me too. everyone is so patient with the pain in the ass dogs..when phoebe gets too much to bear, she is gently picked up and deposited back in the house..when she drives us nutz in here...she is cheerfully accepted back out at the barn.
you wade thru the bodies and the mess and the noise and you see what i see here, a whole whack of really special guys.
when tyra steals each cat food bowl, you smile and tell her it's her right, when jewel is cranky you let me know cuz you know she is not feeling great and needs a pain med to help her feel good. when reggie is being a screaming freak, you call him to you and rub his belly. you bring the barn guys the treats they love and you wheel a ton of their poop away. if ellie does not want to get up yet, you give her time and cuddles til she feels well enough to try. you smile when little daphne two creates all kinds of havoc and you feel emily's pain when she doesn't get her bottle.
you make sure they get lots of field time and cole gets his garden time. you make sure the cats get their treats and cuddle time too.
you feel as badly as i do while we give bosco his chance and you hope right along with me that he will get happy.
you bath little pee stained dogs and tell them they are so cute and dress them in little red hoodies and blue sweaters so they don't feel cold.
you make sure every single dog and cat gets some treat of canned food and their beds not only are dry and warm but look really nice and inviting too.
the bunnies get every kind of consideration and so do the inside and outside birds and at the end of your weekend days here...ALL of the animals feel like they had a really great day.
and that doesn't even count the time you spend on raising money to pay for their vet bills or the time you take to listen to me when i am overwhelmed.
you not only take our guys home and give them a home with you but you make sure for the ones who are living here, that they feel like they are at home too.

you guys who have committed, weekend after weekend, month after month and year after year, who feel the heart of saints every day pounding inside your own chests... are simply amazing. you are truly good and honest and compassionate people.
and you are do'ers, not sayers..your hands hold the hearts of all that are here.

so on behalf of the crippled crew and myself...

i am not going to say thank you. i am just going to say that all of us here really do love you.



if meghann and i had never made that long trip out to saints 4 years ago, i can't image what my life would be like.
i would have never had the pleasure of sharing my life with oz and honey, sandy, wesley, millie, thorney, carley, shrek and fi. it would be such a different world, can't really imagine it.
4 years later, the good, bad, sad, happy times at saints have made me who i am today. and for that i am thankful. (most of the time - fiona ate my last xbox controller on the weekend!)


You guys rock, both animal and human Saints!!! Wish I lived about 3 hours closer!!!!


If I even tried to compare what I give to SAINTS to what I get ... the scales would be very heavy on the get side... even if the get side includes a sore back & neck , it also includes warm soft kisses, happy happy tails that greet you, a soft nudge on your leg to say " hi there.. will you throw the ball for me" a gentle nicker in the morning as you open barn windows, a contented sigh as someone rests their head on your lap after a particularily busy field run, getting swarmed by a group of cats that are so amazingly affectionate you can't imagine someone tossing them away, watching Sissy do her happy dance with smiling eyes, seeing molly waiting patiently for you to remember her & tell her how sweet & special she is, actually getting to the point where Herman will let me stroke him ( he must be deaf, cuz he enjoys my singing)truly I could go on & on , SAINTS has brought me closer to who I really am and for that I am thankful, I really do wish though that there was no need for a place like SAINTS... but since there is...I am thankful to be involved


S.A.I.N.T.S. is a gift to me, and I feel it is a priviledge and honor to be a small part of their lives, and yours Carol. Thanks


Carol, you have such a way of saying things. I have always hoped that the volunteers and staff of SAINTS knew I included them in every good thing I have ever posted or said about SAINTS. The residents of SAINTS wouldn't be able to adjust and live happy lives without all of them. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.


lol yvonne...we will see you soon..i can see in an instant when the saints sink their hooks forever into a new heart...that is why we have the folks here we do..the little bastards got their hooks deep in and now the volunteers can't get away from them! (they are the best darn great volunteer catchers around!)


Good Morning,
I'm not sure where to even begin...Both my husband and I are overwhelmed with emotion these past 20 hours or so.We had the honor and priveledge of getting to meet and hear the stories of many of the"SPECIAL"pets.And each and everyone has there "OWN" story to tell let me tell you.We also got to meet the most "AMAZING" volunteers and staff,WOW,WOW and WOW!!!!!You all are truley and inspiration!!!!!
Carol...You are a beatiful person.What you have done...THANK-YOU.If this world only had more people like yourself,instead of the SCUM that don't deserve the blessing or joy an pet brings into your life.Sorry not sure if I"m a loud to vent some anger. :-)
Will see you soon,please send some kisses are way to all the presious little ones,o'k. maybe some for all that wonderful staff too!!! Yvonne and Matt xo

Francesca Wilson

Dear Carole
Marie and I will be out on Wednesday to do barns or whatever. Marie has been away and I looked after Gussie (Tia). Thank you for taking this little dog in, she is soooo dear - we love her. She of course will accompany us on Wednesday.
Take care


hey carol....smooooooch! we love you all too, theres no need for thanks, we get thanks every time we get a sloppy kiss from someone, or a fuzzy face shoved into an armpit waiting for more loves. even a tail wag from someone that doesnt often give tail wags makes hours of poop scoopin worth it.


I've always felt that I am the lucky one to be allowed into the lives of the saints. It is an honour to be apart of their lives, to know them and to bring a smile to their day. They have taught me alot about living and enjoying the moment.
Carol please call me.