Rescue Journal was a good day off too...

Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2009

i am getting over my angst from the newspaper story thing.

those dogs love nothing better than me laying around with them for most of the day...we watched...stargate and mad max 2 and they got to velcro to their hearts content. there were usually 12 dogs up there...sometimes thirteen (al was up and down)..felix slept the day away curled tight up against did the exact same thing and so did everyone else. one mind, one body.

the staff did a great job of working around us..renee gave me shit and pointed to my bedroom, and colleen made sure the barn guys got to bed on time. angelina had time for a couple of baths in the afternoon and louise got started on the animal charts and i will join up with her on those tomorrow.

i spoke with the vet..copper does have cushings disease so she will talk to lynne and get him started on his medication. yuki goes in tomorrow night for her surgery on thursday morning and prudence finally gets all of her sutures removed tomorrow. lily's pathology is back...yes the tumours were cancerous, but not a really aggressive type so since they got really good tumour removal margins, she should be alright.

if i could have one wish would be to magically and forever disappear with these animals to some quiet and beautiful place. i could live and share my bed with just them forever..some of the other not happy stuff? probably not...that's what i want to hide away from.



Hello Carol,
Would Bosco eat MediCal ( developmenatl) puppy food? I can get it from my vet at cost. the mashed chicken baby food available at Costco.
Please let me know.