Rescue Journal

there is a 2x4 nailed to the base of my skull

Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2009

tension headache or sleeping in weird contorted positions to accomondate too many little dogs????
does it really matter? the pain is the same. well it might matter....if say i happen to die suddenly from all of the accumulated stress (heart attack, stroke, GI bleed...suicide????)...i charge all of you on behalf of the animals at saints to band together and launch a lawsuit against everyone, past and present who frivolously contributed to my that will be real life measurable pain and suffering for these animals...cuz honestly...who in their right mind is going to continue to live with and care for all of the little (and big) bastards? they should be compensated for it....they will have just lost their one and only somewhat nutty, 24/7 animal care giving slave...finding another might prove impossible.
what goes around, comes around...eventually.

in any case, i will use my extra and unplanned time in heaven to have some really good heart to heart talks with "you know who" about certain things. altho...if he knows this..he might make sure i don't kick off early...he might decide it is better to keep me here where he doesn't have me following him around and complaining for eternity.

i sometimes wonder what god is really he super responsible? is he dedicated to always doing right? even in the little stuff that on a global scale, pales in comparison to everything else?

anyway..the back up plan just in case he is too busy is for you guys to make sure our saints animals are compensated fairly for the loss of me. (but i will keep bugging him anyway, just in case we can double end the eventual consequences to all of pain in the neck people who bug me.)
can you imagine me on your case and obsessing about the unfairness to these animals for the rest of eternity? that has to be scary...maybe not to people, cuz they don't know me..but i betcha god has a really good idea what this might actually mean.

i think it would be his own fault tho cuz he is the one who decided that i should care for the animals as much as i do.
is it a sin to contemplate torturing god with the things i think are important enough to bring to his attention frequently?

sigh..maybe he won't ever let me in.



I think my multi milionaire buddy said it best......even tho you were kinda preturbed when we showed up at 8 at night..............this woman has a a predetermend place in heaven..... :) :) :)


It seems like there is a very strong, dedicated, committed, loving and capable Team at SAINTS. I feel certain that should something happen to you (i.e. you get hit by a bus... NOT via suicide or other stress-related end :)) that the other Folks that adore those animals will ensure they are well taken care of.

That being said... stay away from any buses! :)