Rescue Journal

this is why i love being a mom

Carol  ·  Nov. 26, 2009

1. my daughter and her friend baked 61 gourmet cupcakes for the bake sale tomorrow.
2. my daughter drove them out here tonight after work so i did not have to drive into maple ridge to get them.
3. my daughter would not let me taste test #61..that was for the bake sale and worth money to saints.
4. my daughter politely asked me if i cut my own hair again (i have in the past, but today i paid 20 bucks for the haircut in question)
5. my daughter brought me out brand new boots for winter so my feet don't get wet (and probably so i quit wearing those ugly brown rubber crocs that drive both of my daughters and nicole nutz)
6. my daughter quietly and cheerfully suggested i brush the hay off of my left sleeve while we were waiting for our dinner to be served in boston pizza.
7. when the server brought her a chicken stuffed stromboli when she ordered a vegetarian one...she very graciously and nicely asked for another.
8. she regrettfully made note of the fact that some chicken died in vain cuz the chicken stuffed stromboli was headed straight for the trash can.
9. as we parted for the night and shared our good bye, love you hug...she chuckled and brushed more hay out of the hood of my hoodie.
10. and when i said in parting, well at least you liked my new haircut, she smiled again and said..i don't know what you are talking about.

grown up kids are the best...they love you anyway.



I'm an adult child and I can only hope that my mom has thoughts like these when we talk or see each other. Thanks for the perspective.