Rescue Journal

complete honesty is always the best policy

Carol  ·  Nov. 27, 2009

but sometimes it just seems so mean. we really do have to get the fruit loop trio off the adoption pages and create a permanent sanctuary page for them and a few others.

this is the first enquiry we have had on all three in several years...and i can't even send a somewhat hopeful email back about them....the second sentence has to say "they are chronic sprayers, they pee on beds and couches and toasters...they pee everywhere..probably has something to do with their feral beginnings but it is unlikely to change.'
let me know if you are still interested and we can discuss them further????

really ya think they might still be?????

but it just seems so mean to reduce those lovely cats to just little piss tanks...which they really are, but there is so much more to them that will not be the least bit of interest to anyone once they know how much they spray.

its like you know anything about carol at SAINTS?...yeah she is crazy and lives with peeing cats.
that is like only 1/99th of my story but it certainly does accurately define one part of me.

nicole...i want a permanent sanctuary page and the fruit loops on it....they are never going to get adopted and i don't ever want to embarass them or me again in explaining to someone who thinks they may want to adopt them, why they really don't.

early shift today, have to leave by 6 am for work, my sucking holidays are over....hopefully i will feel better once i get back to the more sane and predictable sick human world.



Like the dogs, the cats will have their pages all finished and there is a spot on the pages for STATUS: adoptable or permanent sanctuary animal.
ps, where are my brief bios?