Rescue Journal

bedtime tonight

Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2009

4lane had another stroke today..he is happily back in my bedroom creating chaos again so i did not cause him to have this one. i spoke to the vet and she said to start him on a low dose of prednisone for a week and see how he does. i am not a big pred. fan in dogs, it sometimes makes them crazy...oh right, he is already crazy so i guess he will be fine.

speaking of crazy..lily is totally nutz. she managed in 2 minutes or less to piss off every single dog on the bed..she tried to hump felix, that pissed him off and while she was trying to hump him she walked over top of spot and that made him mad. when she jumped out of spot's way she landed right on top of yuki, which put her in a rage and in trying to avoid her, she slipped past caspar, took a double take because she thought it was felix again (the dog who still has testicles) and decided she'd try humping him again. this really made caspar mad cuz no one is allowed to hump him..not even a half blind, newly spayed, but still horny shitz head who functions with considerably less than one half of a brain.... in avoiding his teeth she managed to land on daphne 2, prudence and jerry all at the very same time...suddenly it all got thru to her...EVERYONE was mad at her so being lily, she peed.... right in the middle of the bed, right on the clean bedspread...ok, so i was somewhat pissed at her now too.

she really is an air head but she also is really that not how most air heads survive?

before this all happened i was getting the diabetics done. felix was not so patiently waiting in his playpen for me to pick him up. felix sleeps really tight up next to me and so does spot so spot decided that since felix was fussing, he should go and sit quietly next to the play pen and mush his face into the mesh up against his soon to be sleeping buddy felix....that way i could pick them both up together and carry them both to bed. it was one of those awwwww is such an incredibly kind, intuitive and intelligent dog unlike that idiot lily.



Sounds like quite the night. Glad the crew is keeping you on your toes.


Hey Carol, I just checked my voicemail(thank you for calling me) and read the blog. How is 4lane doing? Give him a kiss and hug from me, and jesse too.