Rescue Journal

nicole has pics of all of the new guys

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2009

so go ahead and bug her to post them as soon as she can!



Yes...Spot is the 4th! We are waiting patiently (a little) to see his new pictures!


Doh ! Like I said I can't keep track of who is who when they come in at more than 1 at a time... It is Lilly that is the sweetest little girl and OMG how could I forget Spot was the 4th.. for some reason I think he has been with SAINTS for a while... I must be remembering Potatoe Ed... Hmmmm no Pics yet... nudge nudge : - )


Lol.... I was holding back , glad someone else commented... just wait until everyone sees the new little guys... Toni is adorable, Milly is just the sweetest little girl, Yuki is a little buddle of love... and OMG.. who is the 4th one... I get stuff all mixed up when a we get more than 1 in at a time..I forget who is a boy & who is a girl... don't even bother to ask me their ages or the story behind them, what I do know is that they are happy & safe and I hope we can find them the person or people who will take them into their home & heart and love them forever. No rush Nicole .... NOT !! eh eh eh.. I'll check back later


mo you are not reading this? i would love to see some new pics of the new ones.