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no post tonight...too tired

Carol  ·  Dec. 1, 2009 some pics to appease the blog readers!



i am so chuckling at work tonight..poor nicole the procurer of pictures must be feeling the pressure..saints picture addicts are desperate for just a glimpse of little lily, toni, yuki and spot...(and/or any other saints animal image that might currently be residing in her camera!)
thats how i feel nicole when i walk around the house with 30 cookie starving dogs staring at the single cookie i happen to have in my hand.


Regardless of what the clock says - it is dark outside and there are still no photos posted! Hello, Nicole? Pictures please, at your convenience (well, maybe not at your convenience because sooner rather than later would be nice)!


... and obvioulsy the clock on the web-site is wrong , cuz it sez I posted at 1:39.. which I know it isn't cuz then I would be 1 hour closer to going home ..and believe me as much as I was watching the clock for afternoon to come & the hope that I would come here & see trhe pics... I watch it daily for quitting time.


Not to be a pest... but I am one so what the heck... it is 12:39 , so morning is officially over : - 0


just got in from work and my image editor program isn't working for some reason.
i'll post pics in the morning.