Rescue Journal

news update

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2009

just had the confirmation email that charlie, the little blind, feral cat arrives tomorrrow. we will have to get everything set up for her in the morning cuz i had forgotten that she was coming. i swear to god i would forget my head if it wasn't attached.

todays funny...
ok not really funny, but sort of, in a twisted way.
steve brought me lunch today (thx steve!) from macdonalds...he said it was a double big mac dripping in bloody juice, but it was really a fish filet and fries.
soooo...a couple of things here you probably don't know...
firstly....percy apparently LOVES french fries. i wonder how many cows get to have them in their lifetimes?

and secondly...this you do know...phoebe is an utterly selfish and greedy hag. what you don't know is how big a greedy, selfish hag she really is!
she wanted some of my fish filet...which i was sharing with al.... and of all of the animals here who know how to self-actualize..phoebe has it down to a fine art.

that little witch dived right into his mouth and grabbed his bit of fish filet..if that wasn't bad her haste, she grabbed his tongue too.

so there is poor al who just wants a bit of my lunch engaged in a true life tug of war over his tongue. i swear, she pulled a good eight inches of his tongue out to get a tiny piece of fish that was not hers in the first place.

phoebe is a VERY bad dog!
al's tongue is ok but i bet he wished he had bitten it himself in eating that fish then to have it bitten by the greedy, little red lunch thief.