Rescue Journal

my plan for today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2009

i had a hard time getting out of bed...A..i did not want to...and B...i was not sure HOW to!
we all had our little nice spots but there was not a lot of space inbetween for me to move individual body parts carefully to escape from bed without squishing somebody.

it was like playing twister, first thing in the morning!

i am finishing my tea and then am off to help janice move a sick pig. and then...home to get ready for charlie's arrival before i buckle down and tidy up my bedroom.
all of the shelves and the dresser are covered in meds, muzzles, syringes from the diabetics and piles of my looks icky in there and it bugs me so i better fix it today.

i am hopng for a slow that just naturally slides gently from one thing to another..i do not want any heart poundng moments, i do not want anyone to piss me off, or make me think.. just want to slide thru a boring blur of a day that does not require much of a response from me....that is my plan for today!

wish me luck.



It's always good to have a plan... except for that saying thatgoes '' the best laid plans... blah blah blah ... Have a great day & give everyone a mushy kiss for me.. !!