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oh yay!!!

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2009

remember the reporter who was coming out because jerry's previous owner called him and said the people of mission had a right to know that saints was being sued and donated money was going to be used for legal fees??? big story for little misson.

anyway...we got 3/4's of the second page and it was ALL about the work that we do and the animals we help and not a single nasty word about being sued.
and it was a funny article too! he described dusty coming at him with her "zombie" like eyes and vicious and portly little suzie trying to "take a chunk" out of joy the jersey cow.
he got a few things mixed we took out spot's eyes, not jerry's and while we do have a memorial garden...we don't actually bury their bodies here on the property when they pass away...but he met alot of animals that day and he heard me talking about alot of things so it is ok that a few things got a little bit mixed up along the way.
i thought it was a great article...i thoroughly enjoyed the read!
quote of the day...
me:.."yes i am crazy, but in a good hearted way."

love the mission record! good paper, good people!



YAYYYYY!!! Great article! I've never been to SAINTS but I can't imagine anyone NOT loving it! Thank you Carol for all you do.

Nashville, TN


here's a link to the <a href="" rel="nofollow">story</a>.