Rescue Journal

first snow

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2009

i am not going to wax all romantic about the frosting of snow everywhere. it is not that i don't remember how soon a couple of feet of white fluffiness makes everything so beautiful up here. but even if my eyes will soon see the body knows freaking well the hardship that is heading our way...and i am not looking forward to it. beauty that saps the strength and warmth from your body is only lovely if you can see it but not really feel the truth of it all.

i will tell you something about naturalists...they love nature really well while inside their warm homes in front of glowing fireplaces. they love nature at its best for a few moments here and there when well prepared in decent weather and take those moments and make them last thru a paintbrush or a camera lens. but they aren't any fonder of snow than i if they are out shovelling hundreds of pounds of snow so they can get out of their driveways or to open their gates to their barn. winter wonderlands are beautiful to look at if you don't actually have to work out in it day after day.
but hey...the photos make nice christmas cards for other indoor folks.

shoot me before i become a camera lens of how beautiful the world is around me..i see the beauty like everyone else but i also know the extra work it brings.
i tell you...ain't no farmer out there snapping pretty pictures of his fields covered in snow...ain't no logger out there living his life thru a frosty lens...ain't too many pioneers, past or present who had the time to paint a pretty picture for prosperity.
that was saved for folks who didn't have to work and survive nature's multiple gifts every day.
nature may be beautiful but she is also harsh and hard to live with.

but hey...the dogs love it too cuz here they don't have to work to survive and can just play and enjoy it too.

maybe i will be glad of the snow when i retire and have endless time to actually find one of my cameras.
in the meantime...please god, go easy on that pretty snow this winter..that fluffy white stuff just about kills the humans up here!


Chris T

Hopefully you will get a reprieve this year Carol. After all it is supposed to be an El Nino year.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

actually it is a dry cold so it doesn't feel like -23 this morning! The pups are in and out and loving it! The house is warm and toasty. Today life is very good.


And here I was complaining about a Freeze Warning and low temps in the low to mid +30's. Yeah, I feel stupid.


-20....brrrrrrrrr!!! But nothing compared to northern Manitoba. My Grandpa would FORCE me in the house where Gran would literally de-ice me. Frozen snot, frozen hair, frozen smile. I freakin' LOVE winter!!

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

It is -20 tonight with at least 18 inches of snow! The dogs are lounging around the wood stove! All is quiet up north.


AMEN! Only good thing about is that it means its not -30 (too cold to snow!)


A very lovely dusting was what I awoke to this am at Saints. I keep telling everyone I look forward to the snow, and they tell me that basically, I will despise it soon. I doubt it though...I've lived in snow country almost all my life. As long as I have toasty gloves and boots I'll definitely enjoy it. What I DON'T look forward to about the snow this year is driving up and down these damn hills. That's scary!