Rescue Journal

it was a great party

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2009

the dogs had a blast. felix ate so many chinese noodles that he is currently not fussing but sleeping it off.
the cockers were in food and plenty of it. daphne's little butt never stopped its high speed wiggle. shadow shopped around going from person to person and when donny finally had enough to fill up his little cocker gut, he asked up in my chair to relax and enjoy his finally full belly.
i forgot that lily was terrified of cameras..she got her picture taken and then started shaking like a leaf. i covered her eyes for a bit and then she settled down...reminder to everyone...don't take that dog's picture.

the humans here are so good to the animals...caspar hit a bloodsugar low and was on a mission to spike it up again, everyone helped him. cole buried his face in mo's hands, amd frodo got himself invited to the party too.
it was a good party for all of us, human and animal.

and i realized today, that this is the core of saints...not partying...but honor.

we honor our word to them. we honor our word to each other. we honor our word to all of you...saints IS about the is ALL about them.
and that is why we are all here.

honor is dying in the outside world...we dilute it and change it and put it away when it is not convenient..honor is not dying is alive and well.



I think the dog compliment was a great choice, Molly was so enjoying herself & I haven't seen Felix so happy , when jen was playing with him with a blanket you'd never have known he was such a frail old man.

Milly is a real sweetheart & I hope we can figure her out... when I was cleaning under the cow loafing shed... there she was in the yard again, all by herself & was wagging her tail & wanting me to visit thru the fence... Laura came by & picked her up to take her back in where it was warm .

Thanksk to all the volunteers who brought such yummy food & treats


was a lot of fun but i think your guest list for the dogs grew by a zoe i just fould out about cody. i am so sorry but am so glad she had her forever home with you. she was a great dog. iam glad that she became more acrive with you as she liked to lay around outside the dogroom door and get pissed off if any other dogs dared to approach her.