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my word is my bond...

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2009

i am chuckling.... such a melodramatic dork..hey, i was pms'ing again. how long does menopause/pms'ing go on for anyway??? i am sure i have been suffering from the both now for like at least 3 or 4 YEARS!!!!

i started laughing at myself in bed last night...daphne 2 was licking my neck and chin, caspar was licking my arm, angel was licking my leg thru my pj's and felix was just licking anything on me he could reach. i take myself way too seriously sometimes..really.....i am just a giant human salt lick.

i did not get home for lunch today, i missed these is just crazy nutz..i am stuck at the desk trying to fit in every new patient that the hospitals are trying to toss out...(it is the xmas season rush to clear the beds and surgery lists) AND i lost my extra xmas day super stat shift (the bosses are cutting stat service to clients to bare minimum staffing only)...shit! so i took xmas eve back as my day off too since i don't get paid extra for that one and i don't feel like working 6 on, 1 off, 5 on again and not chuckling all the way to the bank...i will go back to my normal 5on/2off/5on and enjoy some time with my family over the holidays instead. ah well every cloud has it's silver lining, now i will not kill myself on xmas day trying to work there, here and fit in my family time.

anyway these guys survived me not seeing them today...except i forgot to buy milk again which sucks for my morning tea and sucks for james bond who likes milk every day. maybe i will remember to get some tomorrow...does someone want to call me and remind me????

hmmm.what to eat for dinner??? cookies so suck without milk to drink.



hey saints has gotten back to no 1 in the shelter challenge. keep voting everyone.


Carol!! Don't forget the milk today!! Your post tonight makes me smile, and I really needed that. Thank you!