Rescue Journal

max has forgiven me...i can stroke his face again.

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2009

reggie is still trying to get me to forgive him...he wants out of the laundry area. it is interesting how many different ways that dog can look cute. he tried all the usual things...sad eyes, happy yet questioning wagging tail, carrying a ball in his mouth in invitation...first thing this morning he tried the toy in his mouth and sitting up on the peak of the plastic dog house up there.
how much cuter can you get then that???

i am not questioning his cuteness, or even his sweetness when he wants to be is his unpredictability that is pissing me off right now... but i do see you reggie, and yes you are very cute and sweet, even if you are a little messed up and twisted freak. you can come out when everyone heads over to the barn in a couple of hours.

i will tell you the difference between dogs like reggie/phoebe/4lane and dogs like jerry. reggie/phoebe/4lane do not know their mental balance is off so they keep putting themselves in the middle of things that will push their buttons...sometimes their buttons are easily pushed...sometimes a sledge hammer won't trigger them.
now jerry has some insight..he actually tries not to be a total freak (or he is totally honest in his complete freakness)...he doesn't sneak under something and then ambush some innocent unknowingly too close to him. he does not walk into the middle of a pack of dogs and lash out cuz a dog is now conveniently in mouth reach like 4lane does. if jerry walks into the pack by his choice, he leaves them alone.

jerry picks his own spot, close up against me, in plain full view, and then he warns everyone to stay 3 feet away from looks rude but actually he is polite..and he is always predictable..don't anyone, ever get too close (unless you are daphne or felix and carol picks you up and puts you right up against me to sleep, cuz she is the boss and what she says goes)....he is clear and consistent in his rules ( unless i insist otherwise) so he saves the others the sudden heart attack. jerry is much easier to deal with than the other three.

the movie night was good...champ lasted all of 5 sneaky hairy low almost silent growl from the side of his face as he toddled on by dusty and he was back in the office...sorry buddy..not a good scenario for a quiet movie night.

the movie was great!